Paris is a big city catering to all sorts of tourists. There are normal tourists and then there are discerning tourists. To satiate the wandering hearts of such tourists there are the lesser known attractions in Paris which can be a pleasant surprise for the tourists who want to go off the beaten track. Then there is also an excitement to discover Paris in a new way.

One of the weirdest places in Paris is the Les Catacombes de Paris. This is the land of the dead in the form of a long winding tunnel extending a few kilometers stacked with bones that have been excavated from different cemeteries belonging to the 18th century Paris. You will be definitely surprised and a little scared to see the stacked bones. Initially this place was created to save the city from unhygienic conditions spreading from the cemetery named Le Cemetiere des Innocents from where bodies were popping up due to scarcity of space. Later Les Catacombes became a place to stack bones from various other cemeteries.

Paris is a blend of the eccentric and the normal. The museums of Paris are the evidences because the city has its share of beautiful and weird museums. The Musee d’Histoire de la Medecine is one such example. It does not take more than 45 minutes to watch all the weird medical exhibits in this small museum. Creepy medical models, scary ancient medical instruments, uncanny prosthetic limbs and many such items are on display inside this museum. There is a table inside the museum which is made of human body parts and this is the strangest exhibit inside the museum.

Les Musee des Vampires is an interesting place to be which is dedicated to the vampire species and their place in the folklore. The museum remains open throughout the week from 12:30pm to 8pm and prior appointment is necessary. Everything related to vampires can be found here. The weird collection includes vampire books, movie posters, paintings, Halloween masks and many more. There is also a mummified cat inside. You will notice the autographs of all the actors who have portrayed on screen vampires in Hollywood films.

The Dog Cemetery situated in Asnieres-sur-Seine is a cemetery for dogs as well as other pets. Sheep, hen, cat horse, monkey graves can also be found here. Interesting inscriptions can also be found on the gravestones.

Place de la Concorde was the guillotine site during the French Revolution. King Louis XVI along with Queen Marie Antoinette and thousands of other aristocrats were executed at this site. There is an obelisk standing here known as Obelisque de Louxor. This obelisk originally belongs to the Egyptian Temple which was gifted to France in the year 1829.