Enjoy the Different Seasons, Weather and Climate in Paris

Owing to its location, Paris receives a fairly low amount of rain as compared to the rest of France, but the city does receive unexpected bouts of shower at almost any time of the year. The city experiences Oceanic climate in general and experiences all four seasons.

Paris experience sunny summer days, sometimes uncomfortably hot during the summer months while during the cold winter months i.e. – January and February, the city may even experience snowfall. However, snowfall is rare in Paris. Irrespective of when you visit Paris, it would always be advisable to pack an umbrella as well as jacket in your backpack. The evenings can get a little chilly even during the summer months.

The different seasons give the city a different look and color. Winter in Paris begins in late December and continues till March. Winter in Paris is cold without a doubt and therefore not many tourists tour Paris during the winter months, however; winter has its own charm. Christmas truly lights up the city and its bright and beautiful. If you think you can handle the cold weather, do try touring Paris in winter.

Most tourists prefer to visit Paris during spring as the city looks like the set of Hollywood movies. In Spring Paris is in full bloom, the blossoms add a beautiful color and Parisians are usually very high spirited and friendly. Spring allows one to experience Paris’s famed cafes on the street. One can simply laze in the parks or cafes and gaze at the city’s beauty.

Since spring is usually considered as the peak tourist season in the city, one must books hotels in Paris well in advance and expect long lines to view popular attractions. Cost of travel is also high during the spring season. One has to truly pay the price to see Paris in full bloom, but it’s worth it.

Summer is also a great time to visit Paris. The weather is sunny and perfect for picnics. Paris celebrates a number of festivals during summer and one can enjoy themselves free of cost at these events. Summer months are quite warm. One can even expect heat waves during summer which can spoil outdoor plans.

Interestingly, many Parisians leave the city during summer and a large number of tourists come to Paris during summer. In autumn Pairs is a little chilly but cost of hotels and airfare is usually cheaper. Also the fall foliage adds its own beauty to the city.