Just 13 miles southwest of Paris is Versailles, the unofficial former capital of France. Historically known as King Louis XIV’s huge royal palace and astounding gardens, Versailles is now the wealthiest suburb of Paris. You can book your Versailles Castle guided (or not) tour with or without pickup from your hotel in Paris. The Palace of Versailles welcomes three million tourists each year, and many more come just to see the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace. Ticket options for entry to the Palace vary, but many visitors choose the one-day pass, which allows access to the Hall of Mirrors and King’s State Apartments, the Queen’s State Apartments, the Dauphin’s (Heir) Apartments, the Marie Antoinette Estate, and the Grande Eaux Musicals (Fountain show). Many artistic treasures are on display in the Palace, including Veronese’s painting of Christ at Supper with Simon, Marie Antoinette’s collection of Chinese vases, and a Claude Simeon Astronomical Clock. Guided audio tours are available in several languages. During the summertime, there are a number of complementary activities offered around the Palace, including a miniature train ride and rental boats. On weekends, a musical fountain show occurs at several times daily, and in the evenings, Les Fêtes de Nuit de Versailles, a show of fireworks, costumed performers, and illuminated fountains is presented. The grounds at the Palace have adequate walking paths, but are so vast that many visitors rent bicycles or battery-powered golf carts to get around. Visitors may also enjoy renting their bicycles in Paris and taking a pleasant bike ride to reach Versailles.