It’s Twenty Years since Disneyland Paris Opened Their Doors

April is the month that Disneyland Paris celebrates their 20th anniversary, having opened their doors two decades ago near Paris.  Over two hundred and fifty million people have visited the largest amusement park in Europe since it opened and on average it welcomes more visitors per year than the Eiffel Tower.
disneyland paris

Disneyland Paris is easily accessible from Paris with the commuter train which takes less than one hour; here you can enjoy party parades during the day and a new show in the evening to celebrate their anniversary.

The amusement park intends adding an ecological attraction in the coming years to include artificial lakes and lagoons.

If you are travelling to Paris any time soon, don’t miss out a visit to Disneyland Paris, considered the biggest garden in the area with a total size of one fifth the size of Paris itself.