The stylish connotations of the name “Trocadero” derive from the Battle of Trocadero in southern Spain, a citadel held by liberal Spanish forces that was taken by the French troops sent by Charles X, in 1823. If you are planning a visit to the beautiful Capital of France, Paris then you must see Trocadero.  Visiting this romantic city and not seeing its heritage and culture is something you will regret for years to come.  Trocadero is the site of Palais de Chaillot, which sits on a hill and is a former Paris village. Palais du Trocadero was built in 1878 for the sole purpose of the World Fair.  This palace was a large concert hall with two towers and two large wings; it also housed the first large organ for a while, before that was removed. Palais du Trocadero was knocked down in 1937 and now Palais de Chaillot stands proud in its place with its two wings shaped like a wide arc. The space below the palace is home to an aquarium and the building is also home to the Naval Museum and Architectural Museum. Trocadero is also line six and nine of the Paris Metro, which opened in 1900.  In 1903 it extended to Passy and became known as the Line 2 South.  It changed to Line 6 after 1942, while line 9 had been open since 1922. Trocadero is near the Barriere Sainte-Maria, a gate used for tax collection and part of the Wall of Farmers-General at Parc Monceau. The Trocadero Metro line services the Musee National de la Marine (Maritime or Naval Museum), which has collections dating back to Louis XV of France. It also services the Musee National de Monuments (Museum of Monuments) which has over 6,000 sculptures including ancient German, Italian and Greek.  The museum is also home to many Romanesque and Gothic sculptures, models of buildings and over 200,000 photographs. Trocadero is close the Theatre National de Chaillot, one of the largest concert halls in Paris, which is often host of some of the most prestigious fashion shows. It also is within easy distance of the Cite de L’Architecture et du Patriomoine (Architecture Museum). This museum opened in 2007 and includes French architecture from the 12th to 18th centuries, wall paintings, stained glass windows and French architecture from 1850 to today. The Trocadero is also within easy walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, Passy Cemetery and the Trocadero Ethnographic Museum. When planning a visit to Paris, Trocadero is one of the many places that is worth the visit, you will not be disappointed and by catching the metro directly to Trocadero there are so many sites to be seen, you can spend days walking around this enchanting area