Unknown Paris- Discovering Secret Places Few American Tourist Knows

Paris is also known as the ‘most romantic city’ in the world. Paris retains its charm and continues to attract tourists the way it used to even a century ago. There are secret places in Paris which not only the tourists but even the natives are not aware of. Paris stands in all its glory with its extraordinary charm and romantic atmosphere.

There are several museums in Paris, Louvre being the most famous one. However, Musee Guimet is another museum which displays extraordinary Oriental Art. When you visit this place, also remember to visit the Annex close by- the Musee du Pantheon Bouddhique which has a Japanese garden. The Flea Market is the place for music lovers who love to listen to Jazz music. It’s fun to be there and enjoy the music at various restaurants. Just beware of pickpockets.

You can visit the Chinatown in Paris and treat yourself to a delicious Chinese meal. From there head to the Belleville- the African open air market. If you wish to have tea at the Mosquee along with Arab sweets you are most welcome. Take a stroll at the wonderful Parc de Bagatelle which is basically a rose garden around an imposing XVIII century mansion. This was built for Marie-Antoinette. You can also walk along the Bassin de la Villette.

For the movie lovers Videotheque de Paris is the ideal place to be. Select and watch films of your favorite actor or director back to back and enjoy your time. If you want to watch old films, then Rue Champollion is the place to be. Watch your favorite classics and be happy. There are other little known spots in Paris. The Russian churches are truly authentic and majestic. St. Seraphin de Sarov is situated in a garden and there is also a Buddhist temple known as Rue du Disque which you can visit.

You can visit the graves like Passy cemetry, Montparnasse cemetry, Pere Lachaise cemetry and the Clichy which is the dog and cat cemetry. The huge statue of Zouave du Pont de l’Alma is the meter to measure the water level during overflow. During floods the water level reaches the knee or ankle of the zouave. Watch a Shakespearean play in the center of the Bois de Boulogne and see the characters from plays unfurl in front of your eyes. This place is entirely dedicated to William Shakespeare.

The enchanting Japanese garden at the Jardin Albert Kahn located in Boulogne also houses a mind blowing collection of photos from the Collection Kahn. Other parks which must be visited include Parc Monceau, Parc Andre Citroen and Parc de Bercy. Brasserie Balzar, Le Select, La Closerie des Lilas and the Conservatoire Rachmaninoff are places which you can visit.