Paris Restaurants

Paris is undeniably the city of exquisite culinary dreams, with over 1,500 restaurants and eating establishments.
The variety of places to dine can be almost overwhelming, from the fine world-renowned restaurants founded by famous chefs to the many popular neighborhood bistros to casual sandwich shops and enticing bakeries.
The best way to enjoy a fine dining experience without breaking the bank is to seek out local restaurants in non-touristy neighborhoods. These eating establishments cater to the residents who live and work here, so they must keep their prices competitive and the quality of their food high in order to exist. Good examples are Chez Georges on rue du Mail, where diners can enjoy a multi-course meal among locals at a reasonable price, and Le Timbre, located in Montparnasse on rue Ste-Beuve, a bistro offering delicious seasonal specialties at fair prices.

Of course, visitors to Paris often wish for one superlative meal on which to splurge. The bastions of French haute cuisine of the likes of Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and L’ Astrance are worth the expense for the experience and the amazing menus.
Tipping in Paris
Most restaurants in Paris will add tax and a 12 to 15 percent service charge automatically. If not included, a 12 to 15 percent tip is customary, with a bit more if the service is exceptional.
Beginning with the Vegetarian cuisine, Le Grain de Folie brings cereals, tarts, terrines and casseroles to the menu all with the organic eater in mind.
The guest can order from a great selection of wine or compliment their meal with a frothy vegetable juice.

Goumard is known as one of Paris’ leading seafood restaurants with its foundation in late 1800’s culture.
With a fine and distinct preparation of dishes, Goumard selects the finest seafood from a limited roster of meats. Crab cakes, sautéed wild squid and flash fried scallops with black truffles are cooked without any added flavors or seasonings.
At Goumard, they pride themselves on the natural taste of sea life. For a classically presented French style cuisine, Le Violon d’Ingres stands as a modern restaurant in the heart of Paris’ food district.
This distinctive and gracefully hosted place is home to high quality and reserved tables.

The wood pigeon cooked on the grill, the Norman sea bass or the spit-roasted turbot are all prized dishes of Le Violon d’Ingres.
These fabulous dishes are presented by friendly and courteous waiters, and the wine is exquisite in taste.

Paris Chinese Restaurants

There is one thing that Paris doesn’t have a shortage of and that is Chinese Restaurants. Below is a list of the ten best Chinese restaurants with all the information you need to make your decision on where to dine tonight.

Zen Garden

Situated at 15 Rue Marbeuf, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0153238228
Average Price: 35 Euro
Zen Garden is just off the Champs Elysees and offers excellent quality Chinese food and fantastic service. You are guaranteed a memorable night at this highly recommended restaurant. The entrees and desserts are delights for any taste buds and chef Shi Ming Schen has designed a enticing menu for any visitor to this beautiful fine dining restaurant.

Fung Shun

Located at 34 Ave Choisy, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0153601356
Average Price: 12 Euro
Fung Shun has a wonderful ambience with traditional Chinese food that the whole family will enjoy. The service is welcoming, friendly and attentive making it a wonderful experience. From the delicious calamari to the firm Chinese favorites, this restaurant prides itself on delicious food. Relax on the terrace or grab a take away, the choice is yours when visiting Fung Shun.

Chez Vong

Located 10 Rue de La Grande, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0140399989
Average Price: 24.50 Euro
Chez Vong offers beautiful décor, delectable Chinese cuisine and highly attentive staff. Eating at Chez Vong will be a delicious experience you will not forget for many years to come. The restaurant is filled with Chinese attractions, art and décor and the food is high quality and enjoyable.

Mer de Chine

Located at 159 Rue Chateau des Rentiers, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0145842249
Average Price: 35 Euro
Set just outside the heart of Paris is this fantastic authentic Chinese restaurant offering delicious meals, wonderful ambience and friendly staff. The restaurant has traditional décor with arts and attractions you would expect to see at a restaurant in China. You can try everything from amazing friend oyster pancakes to delectable soft shell crab and the desserts are something to remember.

Le Palais du Bonheur

Situated at 131 Rue Michel Angel, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0147618988
Average Price: 35 Euro
If you are looking for a fantastic atmosphere and delicious food, this Chinese restaurant has a great reputation for great food and pleasant staff. This restaurant comes highly recommended for food, service and value. While the atmosphere is exciting and relaxed the Beijing duck is a meal that should not be overlooked when visiting this wonderful restaurant.

Tang Opera

Located 26 Rue Gramont, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0142966562
Average Price: 25 Euro
Traditional Chinese Restaurant offering fantastic food and service in the heart of Europe. Enjoy the casual vibe this restaurant has to offer as you try all the Chinese delights available. The restaurant is air-conditioned and all staff speak English, which is a great help when reading the menu. A great night out with delicious food is an amazing atmosphere is what Tang Opera has to offer.

Belle Chine

Located 29 Rue Copernic, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0143223089
Average Price: 30 Euro
Traditional Chinese Restaurant where you can enjoy fantastic food, wonderful service in a relaxed environment. An affordable night out for anyone visiting the area where you can enjoy air conditioned dining and English speaking staff while savoring delicious authentic Chinese fair..

Chen – Soleil d’Est

Situated at 15 Rue du Theatre, Paris, 75015
Telephone: 0145793434
Average Price: 42 Euro
Chen – Soleil d’Est is a gourmet Chinese Restaurant that offer the most exquisite food, friendly atmosphere and service. Even though slightly higher priced, the experience is worth it. This fine dining restaurant offers you a night to remember with lavish food, exceptional service and a great atmosphere that you won’t want to leave.


Located 32 Rue de Torcy, Paris, 75018
Telephone: 0146072579
Average Price: 25 Euro
Hanouman is a large Chinese Restaurant specializing in a choice of Asian delights. If it’s excellent food and service you are after, there is no better Chinese restaurant. The layout is comfortable and the atmosphere is buzzing, the food is outstanding and the service is second to none. If you’re looking for a great night out with fantastic Chinese food then there is only one restaurant in Paris and that is Hanouman.

Shang Palace

Situated at 10 Ave d’Lena, Paris, 75116
Telephone: 0153671992
Average Price: 58 Euro
Shang Palace is a gourmet Chinese restaurant that offers fine dining at its best. It offers three dining areas and outstanding Chinese food that the whole family can enjoy. Slightly on the pricy side, but you won’t mind once you sample the scrumptious meals offered at this high profile restaurant that is frequented by many popular personalities when visiting Paris.

Paris French Cuisine

When vacationing in Paris, you must try some of the traditional French cuisine on offer. There are delightful French restaurants throughout Paris from fine dining restaurants to busy bistros, each offering culinary delights you will never forget.

Aux Lyonnais

Situated at 32 Rue Saint Mark, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0142966504
Average Price: 45 Euro
A wonderful atmosphere and outstanding food by Chef Alain Ducasse awaits you at this superb restaurant. From wonderful soufflés to delicious braised beef, these are meals you are guaranteed to enjoy. Located close to the Operate, this is definitely the ideal place for a romantic dinner when visiting Paris.


Situated at 3 Rue Arsene Houssaya, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0153534200
Average Price: 65 Euro
Close to Champs-Elysees and recently acquired by Guy Savoy, this chic bistro comprises of three rooms with bar, wine cellar and amazing modern art. Delicious meals and fabulous wines finished with outstanding service is what you can expect at Chiberta.

Les Ambassadeurs

Situated at 10 Place de la Concorde, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0144711616
Average Price: 100 Euro
Situated in Hotel de Crillon, Jean-Francois Piege heads this kitchen of young chefs. The restaurant is designed to the highest standards with mirrors and marble and the service is second to none, making it a delightful night out with outstanding food and delicious desserts, just what you would expect from a great French restaurant.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Situated at 5 Rue de Montalembert, Paris, 75007
Telephone: 0142225656
Average Price: 60 Euro
Stylish and comfortable these two restaurants are located one on the left bank and one on the right. Fantastic French cuisine for everyone with mouthwatering desserts to end a spectacular night out.

Les Papilles

Situated at 30 Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143252079
Average Price: 30 Euro
Traditional dishes are what are on offer at this beautiful wine bar. Freshly prepared food is prepared by Chef Bertrand Blux. The bistro is traditional in every way with wooden chairs and bistro counters and bustling with amazing atmosphere. Food and wine is affordable, making this a firm favorite amongst locals in Paris.


Situated at 4 Rue Beethoven, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0140508440
Average Price: 75 Euro
Contemporary restaurant conveniently situated close to the Eiffel Tower. Modern dining areas and amazing food lovingly prepared by three star Chef Alan Passart. Second Michelin Guide star was received in 2005, so you know that you are in for a culinary delight when visiting this modern bustling restaurant.

L’Avant Gout

Situated at 26 Rue Bobillot, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0153802400
Average Price: 30 Euro
Bustling bistro with awesome atmosphere. Only fresh produce is used to make delicious food and desserts by Chef Chistophe Beaufront. The restaurant was recently remodeled into a true bistro experience with modern art and photographs.

Café des Delices

Situated at 87 Rue D’Assas, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0143547000
Average Price: 35 Euro
A younger crowd flocks to this Mediterranean style restaurant headed by young and talented Chef Gilles Choukroun. Culinary delights that will make your mouth water are on offer in this very hip and upcoming restaurant.

La Regalade

Situated at 49 Avenue Jean Moulin, Paris, 75014
Telephone: 0145456585
Average Price: 30 Euro
A true Paris bistro experience from the décor to the food by talented Chef Bruno Boucet. Enjoy delicious dishes from foei gas to sorbets, this is a dining night out to remember when you visit La Regalade when visiting Paris.

Chez Jean

Situated at 8 Rue Saint Lazare, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0148786273
Average Price: 45 Euro
From the beautiful 1950’s décor to the fabulous food, this French restaurant should not be missed. Frequented by locals and headed by young Chef Benoit Bordier, you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes to delight your taste buds.

Paris Greek Restaurants and Bistros

When visiting Paris you don’t want the same traditional French cuisine day in and out, a little bit of variety will make a great difference to your day. There are some amazing Greek restaurants and bistros all over Paris waiting to welcome you in and treat you to their traditional delights.


Situated at 34 Rue de la Victoire, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0148742887
Average Price: 25 Euro
If it’s friendly service, amazing food and a fantastic atmosphere you are after when dining out in Paris, then Athenais is the place to be. Frequented by locals the traditional Greek food is an absolute delight for any visitor.


Situated at 42 Rue Daubenton, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143311717
Average Price: 34 Euro
Andreas Mavrommatis heads up this delightful Greek restaurant with classical décor, terrace and inventive Greek food for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere with traditional menu such as stuffed fine leaves.


Situated at 66 Avenue des Gobelins, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0143316936
Average Price: 25 Euro
This traditional Greek restaurant is conveniently situated close to the metro station and considered the best hidden gem in Paris. From the wonderful décor, bustling and fun atmosphere to sumptuous food, this is a Greek restaurant not to be ignored during your stay.

Evil Evane

Situated at 10 Rue Guisarde, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0143549786
Average Price: 27 Euro
Classical restaurant adorned in stone with high beamed ceilings set in a beautiful 17th century building. Try wonderful Greek dishes from a variety of Greek regions prepared by Chef Dina Nikolaou.

Le Meteora

Situated at 9 Rue de la Huchette, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143543074
Average Price: 20 Euro
Traditional Greek restaurant offering freshly prepared and authentic cuisine. The bustling atmosphere with regular live Greek music offers an uplifting and enjoyable experience.

La Taverne Grecque

Situated at 8 Rue de Huchette, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143549614
Average Price: 11 Euro
Superb Greek cuisine at this traditional restaurant is what is on offer the minute you walk through La Taverne Grecque’s door. The food is outstanding with fun atmosphere and excellent service which is guaranteed to make a wonderful dining experience.

Les Olympiades

Situated at 50 Rue des Cartes, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143542847
Average Price: 18 Euro
Les Olympiades is an authentic and wonderful restaurant with fantastic meals to be enjoyed by the whole family. It truly is a great dining experience from the crisp white table cloths to the excellent service.


Situated at 50 Avenue Simon Bolivar, Paris, 75019
Telephone: 0142005041
Average Price: 25 Euro
The décor, tables, colorful atmosphere and ambience all screams Greece at this wonderfully authentic Greek restaurant situated in the heart of Paris. Enjoy exceptional service, fantastic culinary delights and mouthwatering desserts for an affordable price.


Situated at 6 Rue des Barres, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142710969
Average Price: 13 Euro
This Greek bistro style restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and outside street tables, where you can watch Paris passing by as you enjoy the culinary delights from various Greek regions.


Situated at 39 Rue Saint Peterbourg, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0143876040
Average Price: 20 Euro
If you’re looking for fantastic Greek food, a varied wine menu and wonderful service then Talos is the restaurant you must visit while holidaying in Paris. The atmosphere is delightful and it’s a bustling restaurant filled with locals and holiday makers all enjoying what this restaurant has to offer, outstanding food and great wine.

Paris Indian Cuisine

The wonderful thing about visiting Paris is you are not confined to French food, there is such a wide range of restaurants to choose from and some of the Indian restaurants around Paris offer authentic cuisine you would expect from top restaurants in this busy city.


Situated at 13 Rue de le Harpe, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0140469602
Average Price: 21 Euro
Safran is situated in the heart of the Latin quarter of Paris and offers excellent authentic cuisine and amazing service. The wonderful warm décor coupled with great music offers a fun atmosphere that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rajib Mahal

Situated at 86 Boulevard de Charonne, Paris, 75020
Telephone: 0143715048
Average Price: 28 Euro
An elegant restaurant with a warm and welcoming ambience and culinary delights from traditional chicken tikka masala to wonderful grills. There is a terrace area and all the food is made fresh to order.

Bollywood Lounge

Situated at 57 Rue Galande, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143262526
Average Price: 25 Euro
Conveniently situated opposite Notre Dame Cathedral, this chic Bollywood themed restaurant is rich in bright colors. Live music is played on weekends which add to the enjoyable atmosphere you already get from this fantastic authentic Indian restaurant.

Jaipur Café

Situated at 15 Rue des Messageries, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0148010600
Average Price: 25 Euro
Traditional Indian restaurant furnished with wood and bright colors with outstanding service. Great authentic food with the aroma of delicious spices adding to the traditional Indian atmosphere you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber.

Le Gange

Situated at 65 Rue Martin, Paris, 75019
Telephone: 0142000080
Average Price: 28 Euro
Vibrant Indian restaurant boasting modern and traditional charm. Every dish is made using old traditional herbs and spices guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

New Sanna

Situated at 111 Avenue de Villiers, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0146222872
Average Price: 15 Euro
Excellent restaurant offering the culinary delights you would expect from a top class Indian restaurant from traditional onion bhaji to butter chicken.


Situated at 23 Rue Vignon, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 01474249114
Average Price: 15 Euro
This restaurant is decorated to the highest standard offering casual dining at its best. The buzzing atmosphere, delicious spicy aromas and traditional food with exceptional service is what makes this Indian restaurant a favorite amongst locals in the area.


Situated at 9 Rue Nicolas Flamel, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142724415
Average Price: 16 Euro
Beautifully decorated restaurant with wood and bright colors to add a warm atmosphere. There is a fantastic ambience in this cozy restaurant and the food is something you will remember for many years to come.

Tandoori Nights

Situated at 59 Rue Letellier, Paris, 75015
Telephone: 0145776417
Average Price: 13 Euro
Situated close to the metro station this warm and welcoming Indian restaurant offers traditional delights and attentive service that is guaranteed to make your dining experience an enjoyable one.

New Jawad

Situated at 12 Avenue Rapp, Paris, 75007
Telephone: 0147059137
Average Price: 34 Euro
This is a fine dining Indian restaurant which offers all the traditional Indian favorites such as onion bhaji and chicken tikka masala. The atmosphere is warm and the food is fantastic, this is all combined with outstanding service to make your night one to remember.

Paris Italian Restaurants

Pasta is always considered a comfort food and when you’ve been sightseeing around Paris and have an urge for pizza, you want to be able to enjoy this Italian delight with ease. Luckily Paris is filled with fantastic Italian restaurants where you can find your favorite pizza and pasta to end an enjoyable day.

Casa Luca

Situated at 82 Ave Marceau, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0147202040
Average Price: 20 Euro
This little piece of Italy is found in the heart of Paris. A quaint restaurant in traditional red, white and green with outside terrace will give you flashbacks to eating at a bistro in Italy. Casa Luca offers exceptional food and service that will make your stay an enjoyable one.


Situated at 18 Avenue Franklin Rooseveld, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0145620837
Average Price: 20 Euro
A wonderfully authentic Italian restaurant offering all your favorite pizza and pasta that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Wonderful atmosphere, good service and outstanding food complete the picture for you.


Situated at 51 Rue Saint Louis, Paris, 75004
Average Price: 35 Euro
Fantastic cuisine, wonderful service and a warm and stylish interior is what this upmarket Italian restaurant has to offer. Situated close to Notre Dame Cathedral it offers food all day long so you can make the most of your experience.

Mori Venice Bar

Situated at 2 Rue de Quatre Settembre, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0144555155
Average Price: 65 Euro
This is a Venice orientated fine dining restaurant with a magnificently designed interior offering you fresh food made to order that will get your taste buds tingling. For a romantic evening of dining in the heart of Paris, you will not be disappointed visiting Mori Venice Bar.

Tesoro D’italia

Situated at 41 Rue de Paradis, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0153340064
Average Price: 15 Euro
Delightful Italian bistro offering indoor and outdoor seating, delicious food made to order and a bustling atmosphere. The great service completes the picture for this wonderful Italian delight.


Situated at 17 Rue Damremont, Paris, 75018
Telephone: 0146064694
Average Price: 18 Euro
This is a family owned and run cozy Italian restaurant frequented by locals and holiday makers. It offers fantastic authentic cuisine and great wines and the service is absolutely outstanding. This is a dining experience to remember on your next visit to Paris.

La Comedia

Situated at 107 Rue Monge, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143370970
Average Price: 25 Euro
Superb piece of Italy in the heart of Paris. Bright and cheerful dining with exquisite food that offers all your favorites from pasta to pizza.

Caffe Boboli

Situated at 13 Rue du Roi De Sisille, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142778927
Average Price: 30 Euro
Quaint fine dining restaurant in a corner position in Paris, not where you would expect to find delectable Italian delights and superior service. This is the ideal restaurant for a romantic evening out with your loved one.

La Perla

Situated at 5 Rue Montorgueil, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0140419453
Average Price: 16 Euro
Dimly lit upmarket Italian restaurant with superior décor offering a warm and welcoming ambience. Delicious favorites are on offer that shouldn’t be missed while holidaying in Paris.


Situated at 24 Avenue George V, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0147201478
Average Price: 15 Euro
Quaint and cozy Italian restaurant with a difference from the rounded back comfortable chairs to the books adorning the walls and the grand fireplace at the end of the room. When eating at Findi you feel the comfortable ambience of home as you enjoy delicious Italian cuisine made to order.

Paris Japanese Cuisine

Being able to eat something different every night while on holiday is something everyone enjoys. When visiting Paris you don’t want to be eating the same food day in and out and enjoying some sushi or yakitori shouldn’t be missed. There are lots of fantastic Japanese restaurants throughout Paris, these are our top ten.


Situated at 20 Rue Daval, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0148061472
Average Price: 12 Euro
Modern restaurant ideal for comfortable and relaxed dining in Bastille, Paris. Whether you are in the mood for sushi or grilled prawns you will find it here. Buffet is available on weekends offering all the favorite traditional delights including octopus and eel.


Situated at 35 Rue de Pont Neuf, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0142337965
Average Price: 14 Euro
This fine dining restaurant offers the best in fresh Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a wonderful atmosphere and fantastic service which guarantees you have an exceptional dining experience.


Situated at 1 Bis Rue Jean Mermoz, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0145621568
Average Price: 30 Euro
Set in the Champs-Elysees district, you can enjoy Japanese delights at this fantastic restaurant. Wonderful service and a great atmosphere ensure that you have a wonderful evening that you will never forget.


Situated at 49 Rue de L’arbre Sec, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0142974730
Average Price: 20 Euro
This is a quaint restaurant offering outstanding cuisine in the heart of Paris. From delicious tuna to traditional miso, this is a restaurant that shouldn’t be missed when holidaying in the most romantic city in the world.

So Sushi

Situated at 3 Rue du Roule, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0140284839
Average Price: 10 Euro
If you love sushi then you must visit this authentic Japanese restaurant in bustling Paris. Enjoyed by locals and holiday makers, you will love the atmosphere, great food and fantastic service available at this little piece of Japanese heaven.


Situated at 29 Rue des Petits Champs, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0140209140
Average Price: 12 Euro
Beautiful Japanese restaurant offering all the favorite authentic cuisine from soups, dumplings and tori don. This restaurant offers great service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere; you will not be disappointed that you visited this gorgeous little restaurant in the busy city of Paris.


Situated at 40 Rue Petits Champs, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0142960199
Average Price: 17 Euro
One of the favorite Japanese restaurants in Paris frequented by locals from all over the area. All the food is fresh to order and the service is fast and friendly, the atmosphere is warm and cozy and the décor is absolutely beautiful.

Kyo Fuji

Situated at 17 Rue de L’etoile, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0145723410
Average Price: 15 Euro
Warm and relaxed restaurant with dimly lit and modern interior offering great authentic cuisine and friendly staff to ensure that your dining experience is a pleasurable one.

Tama Sushi

Situated at 19 Rue d’Anlin, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0147423322
Average Price: 18 Euro
Bustling restaurant offering lunch and dinner from sushi to yakitori. This restaurant gets very busy for a good reason, the food is outstanding, and so to avoid disappointment it’s best to book in advance.


Situated at 40 Rue de Ponthieu, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0142890504
Average Price: 14 Euro
This little piece of paradise is considered the best sushi restaurant in Paris. This cozy restaurant endeavors to delight your taste buds with delicious freshly prepared food, fantastic service and a wonderful atmosphere that should not be missed while holidaying in Paris.

Paris Lebanese Restaurants

Are you in the mood for something different tonight? Are you holidaying in Paris and have the urge for some delicious mezzes or humus? There are such fantastic choices of top Lebanese restaurants throughout the city that are guaranteed to offer you the culinary delights you are looking for.

La Pinede, Cuisine du Liban

Situated at 10 Rue Mignard, Paris, 75116
Telephone: 0145030119
Average Price: 15 Euro
This traditional restaurant offers authentic cuisine of brochette, mezzes and superb desserts to get your mouth watering. The service is five star and the atmosphere is bustling and energetic, a wonderful way to spend an evening out dining.

Helem Coffee

Situated at 164 Rue Saint Denis, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0142332638
Average Price: 15 Euro
A warm and inviting restaurant that holds regular karaoke evenings. Delicious Lebanese traditional cuisine is on offer along with superb service. This is definitely a night out to remember whether it’s just the two of you or a group.


Situated at 9 Bis bd Montparnasse, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0140563001
Average Price: 14 Euro
Beautifully decorated authentic Lebanese restaurant with friendly staff and wonderfully prepared meals. You walk in the door to a warm welcome, cozy atmosphere and exceptional service; of course the food is absolutely fantastic.

Reflets du Liban

Situated at 25 Rue de Brantome, Paris, 75003
Telephone: 0617557422
Average Price: 10 Euro
This delightful bistro-style restaurant offers traditional Lebanese food six days a week. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Monday through to Saturday. You can enjoy culinary delights in this very quaint and cozy restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Palmiers du Sinai

Situated at 3 Rue Mandar, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0140269933
Average Price: 30 Euro
Looking at the restaurant from the outside it doesn’t look like a traditional restaurant at all with the wood cladding and black iron, but step inside and you will be thrilled with what you find. The interior is casual and comfortable and the restaurant is owner run which adds to the amazing service.


Situated at 69 Rue de Maubeuge, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0145264210
Average Price: 10 Euro
Minimalist designed restaurant offering the best dining experience. This restaurant is considered the best Lebanese restaurant in Paris by the locals and you can enjoy fantastic service, bustling atmosphere and outstanding food.


Situated at 29 Rue Galande, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143267060
Average Price: 22 Euro
The most spectacular restaurant with stone walls, arches and warm interior. Beautifully prepared authentic dishes will get your taste buds dancing with delight as you enjoy the cozy atmosphere and great service.

Al Dar

Situated at 3 Rue Frederic Sauton, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143261715
Average Price: 11 Euro
Delightful and traditional Lebanese restaurant close to Notre Dame Cathedral. This restaurant offers some of the best traditional food that Lebanon has to offer along with great service and a wonderful atmosphere, a great place to dine for an evening out with friends or with your loved one.

Al Charq

Situated at 28 Rue Marbeuf, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0142251448
Average Price: 30 Euro
Set in the Champs-Elysees triangle this authentic Lebanese restaurant offers a welcoming and warm atmosphere, outstanding cuisine and superb service.


Situated at 6 Rue D’Alessia, Paris, 75014
Telephone: 0142798686
Average Price: 25 Euro
A wonderful gem hidden in the heart of Paris. This restaurant offers an outdoor patio for those hot nights with white crisp table cloths and fantastic food. Take all of this and add a great atmosphere and outstanding service and you will know what to expect at Assanabel.

Paris Mediterranean Cuisine

Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or something completely delicious and Mediterranean while visiting Paris, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants that will make your dining out experience a pleasant one.
Situated at 74 Boulevard de la tour Maubourg, Paris, 75007
Telephone: 0144183326
Average Price: 23 Euro
Beamed ceilings and a light and bright interior is what you will find when you step through the door of this charming Mediterranean restaurant situated close to the Eiffel Tower. Great atmosphere, fantastic food and great service is on offer as you enjoy the gorgeous Invalides views at night.
Le Temps des Olivades
Situated at 192 Rue de Tolbiac, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0646110368
Average Price: 25 Euro
Indoor and outdoor dining extravaganza is what this cozy restaurant has to offer. Take note that there is only seating for 34 so be sure to book to avoid disappointment.  They offer delicious traditional Mediterranean cuisine, welcoming atmosphere and great service.
Les Trois Font La Paire
Situated at 26 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143267322
Average Price: 30 Euro
This Mediterranean restaurant is the new kid on the block and opened its doors last year.  The restaurant is beautifully renovated to the highest standards and you can enjoy and warm and welcome atmosphere, good service and great food.
Situated at 64 Rue Saint Sabin, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0155286398
Average Price: 35 Euro
Romantic restaurant with exceptional Mediterranean delights and an extensive wine list.  The interior is charming and the restaurant is owner run and it comes with great service to ensure your experience is enjoyable.
Les Valseuses
Situated at 5 Rue Bernard Palissy, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0142221440
Average Price: 25 Euro
Chic and cozy Mediterranean restaurant with great atmosphere and a bustling crowd.  The food is delicious and the cocktails are fresh and refreshing.  You will find something for everyone in this great restaurant in the St Germain de Pres district.
Situated at 4 Rue du Pot de Fer, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143362338
Average Price: 15 Euro
Quaint Mediterranean bistro-style restaurant with tables spilling onto the sidewalk where you can watch the world go by while you enjoy fantastic cuisine that you would expect from a great Mediterranean restaurant.
Le Zarma Des Pres
Situated at 6 Rue Mabillon, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0143292564
Average Price: 40 Euro
Enjoy a warm welcome and delicious food at this gorgeous restaurant.  Ideal for romantic meals or a night out with friends.
Bastide Blanche
Situated at 1 Boulevard de Courcelles, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0140080825
Average Price: 46 Euro
Modern and chic Mediterranean restaurant close to Champs-Elysees.  This restaurant is open all day from breakfast through to dinner and offers mouthwatering meals that will delight your taste buds.
La Tete Ailleurs
Situated at 20 Rue Beautrellis, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142724780
Average Price: 30 Euro
Intimate Mediterranean restaurant in La Marais area.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a glass roof and magnificent murals on the walls.  A cozy and romantic restaurant that will offer you a dining experience you are guaranteed to enjoy.
Au Clocher du Village
Situated at 8 Bis Rue Verderet, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0142880638
Average Price: 25 Euro
Quaint restaurant in the heart of bustling street with delicious cuisine and great service.  This cozy restaurant should not be missed if you are after an authentic Mediterranean meal.

Paris Mexican Restaurants

While holidaying in Paris, you may have that urge for spicy food and want something authentic like fajitas or enchiladas.  Luckily there is such a great choice of traditional Mexican restaurants in the city that you are guaranteed to find one that wets your appetite.

Situated at 15 Rue Dauphine, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0146344469
Average Price: 25 Euro
Quaint Mexican restaurant offering all your favorite delights from enchiladas to fajitas.  Don’t forget to enjoy a margarita or two when dining at this delightful spot in the heart of Paris.
Hacienda del Sol
Situated at 157 Boulevard Montaparnasse, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0143262653
Average Price: 40 Euro
Authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of the Montaparnasse area.  Traditional food, casual dining with fantastic service is what you can expect at Hacienda del Sol.
Situated at 7 Rue Sauval, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0142361116
Average Price: 22 Euro
Enjoy all the traditional Mexican delights at this quaint restaurant.  This Mexican restaurant is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Paris and has been frequented by the locals since 1986.  All the food is authentic, the service is exceptional and the atmosphere is buzzing.
The Studio
Situated at 41 Rue du Temple, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142741038
Average Price: 15 Euro
Set in an ancient courtyard and set on cobbled stone, this restaurant is the top of the casual dining list with fantastic authentic Mexican cuisine and wonderful service.  For a fantastic meal this restaurant should not be left off your list.
Situated at 20 Rue du Pere Guerin, Paris, 750113
Telephone: 0145885641
Average Price: 15 Euro
Delightful and cozy restaurant offering exceptional food, warm atmosphere and super service.  Whether it’s cheesy chilli’s you’re after or a mouthwatering enchilada, you will find it here.
La Cucaracha
Situated at 31 Rue Tiquetonne, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0140266836
Average Price: 30 Euro
Typical restaurant with mosaic tiles and a warm atmosphere.  Delicious authentic Mexican cuisine, a casual dining experience and fantastic service is what completes the picture when describing La Cucaracha.
Situated at 14 Rue Xavier-Privas, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143545572
Average Price: 15 Euro
Set in the Latin Quarter close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, this traditional Mexican restaurant offers all the favorites.  The interiors are beautifully decorated, the service is outstanding and the cuisine is exceptional.
Susan’s Place
Situated at 9 Rue De L’annonciation, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0145208816
Average Price: 20 Euro
Authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Paris.  Enjoy spicy delights washed down with traditional margaritas.  There is something for everyone at this busy little Mexican gem.
Situated at 30 Rue des Bernardins, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143261020
Average Price: 30 Euro
This restaurant offers everything you’d expect from a top notch restaurant from excellent traditional food to super service and a great atmosphere that guaranteed a superb dining experience.
Café Mexico
Situated at 73 Rue Crozaller, Paris, 75012
Telephone: 0143472669
Average Price: 6 Euro
This little stop in and go café offers the perfect spicy snack when out and about sightseeing.  The service is great and the atmosphere is relaxed and casual.

Paris Moroccan Restaurants

The great thing about dining out in Paris is there is so much to choose from.  There are loads of international restaurants waiting to offer you an exceptional dining experience.  The Moroccan restaurants in Paris are waiting to treat you to their flavorful delights.


Situated at 6 Rue Moret, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0143389394
Average Price: 20 Euro
Super Moroccan delights in the heart of Paris.  From the authentic food to the beautiful décor with exceptional service, Mizmiz truly is a Moroccan gem.


Situated at 12 Rue d’Armaille, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0143802665
Average Price: 18 Euro
Quaint restaurant with cozy ambience and super food.  Warm and welcoming atmosphere and outstanding service, just what you would expect to make your dining experience an enjoyable one.

Les Andalouses

Situated at 143 Rue de Charonne, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0143563822
Average Price: 18 Euro
Warm and romantic restaurant with rich colors and art adorning the walls.  Lively atmosphere combined with exceptional food and fantastic service.



Situated at 11 Bis Rue Blanche, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0144919596
Average Price: 17 Euro
Bistro style restaurant with a quirky interior, but don’t be fooled by the look.  The food is superb, there is an extensive wine list and the dining experience is completely casual.

Le Mechoui du Prince

Situated at 34 Rue Monsier le Price, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0140518848
Average Price: 15 Euro
This fine dining Moroccan experience is open six days a week for your dining pleasure.  The interior is rich and warm in color with draped walls and red tables.  Bear in mind when booking that they are closed on Sundays.


Situated at 19 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonniere, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142720825
Average Price: 25 Euro
Exquisite restaurant with arched walls and cozy interior.  Authentic cuisine and excellent service complete the picture for this traditional Moroccan restaurant.

Le Lutin

Situated at 3 Rue Bourdaloue, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0148787094
Average Price: 11 Euro
Very cozy and quaint restaurant with lots of warm reds against stone walls.  Excellent traditional Moroccan cuisine and fabulous service is what you can expect at Le Lutin.  Not to be missed when holidaying in Paris.

Au Royal Moroc

Situated at 56 Boulevard Port Royal, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0145353531
Average Price: 20 Euro
Bright arches and dimly lit interior is what you find at Au Royal Moroc.  The welcome is warm, the atmosphere is bustling, the food is fantastic and the service is super.

Le Medina du Marais

Situated at 77 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris, 75003
Telephone: 0142727153
Average Price: 27 Euro
Fantastic restaurant offering Moroccan delights to make your mouth water. Great atmosphere and warm welcome.

L’Etoile Morocaine

Situated at 56 Rue Galilee, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0147204443
Average Price: A la Carte – 50 Euro
This Moroccan restaurant is situated conveniently close to Champs Elysees and offers a wide choice of authentic Eastern dishes from barbeque lamb to sumptuous desserts.  Quaint from the outside but delightful on the inside.


Paris Scandinavian Restaurants

Paris is alive with fantastic restaurants, but there are only a small handful of Scandinavian restaurants.  But each of these restaurants offers exquisite cuisine, warm welcomes and exceptional service.

Autour du Saumon Miron

Situated at 60 Rue Francois Miron, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142772308
Average Price: 26 Euro
Fine dining with a sober ambience is what this restaurant has to offer.  You can choose between the delicious set menu and the delightful a la carte menu.  The interior is contemporary and the food is great.


Situated at 142 Avenue Champs-Elysees, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0144138626
Average Price: 27 Euro
Elegant restaurant with warm atmosphere and stunning views.  This is where Scandinavian food meets French food  in this beautiful bustling restaurant with a terraced garden and formal dining room. Choose from the set menu or a la carte menu, both of which will get your mouth watering.

La Cantinue du 10

Situated at 8 Rue de Marseilles, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0142492767
Average Price: 15 Euro
Modern restaurant hidden in an old workshop just off St Martin Channel.  A completely casual dining experience with exceptional service and food.  Not to be missed when next holidaying in Paris.

Paris Seafood Restaurants


Visiting a restaurant that specializes in seafood is a delight for any fish lover, whether you love fish or shellfish, there are so many fantastic seafood restaurants in Paris for you to try.

La Maree

Situated at 258 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0143802000
Average Price: 30 Euro
Located close to Champs-Elysees this restaurant offers a cozy ambience, gourmet seafood dishes and fantastic service.

Chez Flottes

Situated at 2 Rue Cambon, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0142608089
Average Price: 27 Euro
Modern and chic seafood restaurant with delicious gourmet food for the fish lover.  Outstanding desserts are on offer for those with a sweet tooth and the service is superb.

Vin et Maree – 7eme

Situated at 71 Avenue de Suffren, Paris, 75007
Telephone: 0147832712
Average Price: 40 Euro
Fine dining seafood restaurant.  The fish is delivered daily, which means that the menu is constantly changing depending on what fish is available that day.  There is delicious wine on offer to compliment your meal.

Les Debats

Situated at 6 Place Victor Hugo, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0145012222
Average Price: 40 Euro
Quaint and cozy restaurant spilling onto the street with plenty of outside seating.  Superb seafood dishes, fantastic wines and outstanding service are what you can enjoy at Les Debats.

Le Bistrot du Dome

Situated at 7 Rue Bastille, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0148048844
Average Price: 25 Euro
A warm welcome with excellent food is what you can expect at Le Bistrot du Dome.  A great atmosphere that will have you back a couple of times during your stay in Paris.


Situated at 9 Place du Marechal Juin, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0142278214
Average Price: 46 Euro
Beautifully modern restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  From the white linen tablecloths to the magnificent sculptures and delicious food to superior service, visiting Dessirier while in Paris is a dining experience you will never forget.

La Fregate

Situated at 30 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, Paris, 75012
Telephone: 0143439032
Average Price: 40 Euro
This delightful restaurant is open from Monday through to Friday and offers a romantic ambience and exquisite seafood delights.  Be sure to pop past during your stay in Paris for some fantastic seafood cuisine.

Fish and Food Café

Situated at 25 Rue Francois Dolto, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0153612581
Average Price: 15 Euro
Light and bright, modern and chic with great food in a relaxed and friendly environment.  While this restaurant concentrates on their seafood dishes, you are able to get other meals, making it an ideal dinner venue for the whole family.

Les Filles de Paris

Situated at 57 Rue Quincampoix, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142717220
Average Price: 30 Euro
Fantastic seafood in a modern restaurant close to Etienne Marcel metro station.  This dimly lit restaurant is the ideal venue for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

La Mediterranee

Situated at 2 Place de L’Odeon, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0143260230
Average Price: 29 Euro
Bright and cheerful, the exquisite food with fantastic service and relaxed atmosphere is what will make you visit this restaurant again and again during your stay.

Paris Spanish Cuisine

There are such a wide choice of restaurants all over Paris, each offering their own take on different meals, international cuisine and types of service you can enjoy from relaxed environments to fine dining experiences.

Les Cares de Saint Gilles

Situated at 4 Rue Saint Gilles, Paris, 75003
Telephone: 0148872262
Average Price: 30 Euro
Set in a great location, this cozy restaurant offers a true Spanish atmosphere along with authentic cuisine.

Candela Caliente

Situated at 150 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0143713993
Average Price: 10 Euro
Traditional Spanish cuisine to make your mouth water in this cozy bistro style restaurant with bright colors, buzzing atmosphere and fantastic service.

La Feria

Situated at 25 Rue Montgallet, Paris, 75012
Telephone: 0143411572
Average Price: 25 Euro
Comfortable and relaxed restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Fantastic authentic Spanish food and mouth-watering deserts are on offer, so be sure to visit when you’re visiting Paris.

Pena de Medio

Situated at 65 Rue du Ruisseau, Paris, 75018
Telephone: 0142233123
Average Price: 12 Euro
Bright restaurant designed in pastel colors giving a true Spanish ambience. Exquisite food and outstanding service make this a firm favorite with the locals.

El Picador

Situated at 80 Bd des Batignolles, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0143872887
Average Price: 32 Euro
Dated restaurant with pink velor chairs, but don’t be fooled.  The food is outstanding with traditional Spanish delights in an inviting atmosphere.

Casa Del Campo

Situated at 22 Rue de la Chaussee D’Antin, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0142460248
Average Price: 15 Euro
Rich in color with tasty Spanish cuisine with a dark bar and warm atmosphere, this is what you can expect at Casa Del Campo along with outstanding service.

La Pirada

Situated at 7 Rue de Lappe, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0147007361
Average Price: 21 Euro
Beautiful murals cover the walls, dark wood and dimly lit interiors make this restaurant a favorite in the heart of Bastilles.  Latin music plays in the background as you enjoy the Spanish culinary delights from Madrid and Barcelona

Casa Tina

Situated at 18 Rue Launston, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0140671924
Average Price: 17 Euro
Superb hidden Spanish gem in Paris.  From the red table cloths to the authentic Spanish cuisine, this restaurant is not to be missed when you are in the area

Jous de Fete

Situated at 72 Quai de Jemmapes, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0140183884
Average Price: 12 Euro
Cozy restaurant in the hustle and bustle of a busy street.  Delightful food, great atmosphere, superb wines and fantastic service paints the picture beautifully of what Jous de Fete is all about.

Casa Paco

Situated at 13 Rue Bassano, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0147209815
Average Price: 37 Euro
Fantastic Spanish restaurant with authentic food, jovial atmosphere and superior service.  If you want a nice meal with friends or a romantic dinner for two, this is the place to visit when in Paris.


Paris Gastronomic Cuisine


Are you visiting the most romantic city in the world to propose to your loved one, celebrate a special occasion or have an important business meeting.  You may want to enjoy the culinary delights from 3 star Michelin chefs in tranquil surrounds and spectacular restaurants.
Remember with restaurants of this caliber, you must book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

Situated at 25 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0153676500
This fine dining restaurant offers you culinary delights by three star Michelin Chef Alain Ducasse including some specialty dishes that shouldn’t be missed.  This restaurant is set to impress and you will not be disappointed with your choice of restaurants for this special occasion.

Guy Savoy

Situated at 18 Rue Troyon, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0143804061
Guy Savoy, a three star Michelin Chef invites you to his fine dining modern restaurant specializing in French cuisine that will delight anyone’s taste buds.  The perfect location for the romantic proposal or special occasion celebration.


Situated at 9 Place des Vasges, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142785145
Average Price: 35 Euro
Chef Bernard Pacaud delights you with his modern mouthwatering French cuisine. The restaurant is upmarket and set in a 17th century house, an ideal romantic location for a wonderful dining experience.


Situated at 84 Rue de Varenne, Paris, 75007
Telephone: 0145541733
Alain Passard welcomes you to his fine dining restaurant located close to Rodin Museum.  Delicious cuisine, an extensive wine list and superior service you would expect from a restaurant like this is on offer.


Situated at 4 Rue Beethoven, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0140508440
Chef Pascal Barbot offers modern cuisine at this fine dining establishment.  Enjoy delicious and freshly prepared dishes, tranquil ambience and exceptional service.

Le Bristol

Situated at 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0153434340
Average Price: 45 Euro
3 Michelin Star Chef Eric Frenchon offers light cuisine in an immaculate upmarket restaurant where you can sit back relax and enjoy.  From the beautiful restaurant interior to the warm welcome and friendly service, this restaurant is set to impress.
Le Meurice
Situated at 228 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0144581010
Chef Yannick Alleno offers delightful modern cuisine in a spectacular dining setting.  If you’re after fine dining with a modern twist, then you must visit Le Meurice while in Paris.
Le Pre Catelan
Situated at Roule de Suresnes, Paris, 75016
Telephone: 0144144100
Chef Frederick Anton heads this contemporary restaurant with a peaceful ambience and superior service.  The food is to die for, the setting is beautiful and the service is exceptional, just what you need for that romantic dinner for two.
Pierre Gagnaire
Situated at 6 Rue Balzac, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0153361250
Chef Pierre Gagnaire heads an awesome restaurant a few steps from famous Champs-Elysees.  With outstanding cuisine, upmarket restaurant and exceptional service, this is a restaurant that shouldn’t be missed when in Paris.

Paris Thai Restaurants

There is one thing that Paris is not short of and that is international cuisine restaurants, it’s knowing which are the ones with the good reputation before going in to eat that you need to know when holidaying in the most romantic city in the world.
Voyage au Siam
Situated at 60 Rue Saint-Maur, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0146004687
Average Price: 16 Euro
Authentic Thai cuisine in the heart of Paris.  Enjoy mouthwatering flavors and fantastic Thai drinks enabling you to enjoy true Thai experiences right here in Paris.
Thabthim Siam
Situated at 28 Rue de Moscou, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0143876256
Average Price: 14 Euro
Traditional Thai restaurant with a modern interior, dimly lit lighting and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Vilay Restaurant
Situated at 8 Rue Tiphaine, Paris, 75015
Telephone: 0661288499
Average Price: 16 Euro
Bustling Thai Restaurant with authentic cuisine, friendly staff and a great atmosphere.  Lunch times get really busy so be sure to get there early or book in advance to avoid disappointment.
A La Table de Nouk
Situated at 8 Rue Leopold Bellon, Paris, 75002
Telephone: 0140268516
Average Price: 15 Euro
Quaint and cozy restaurant with warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The food is outstanding and the staff is helpful and friendly.
Thai Spices
Situated at 7 Rue de L’Ave Maria, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142786549
Set Menu Price: 37 Euro
Warm and welcoming ambience, traditional and delicious Thai cuisine, friendly and helpful staff, all in all an excellent and pleasant dining experience.
Blue Elephant
Situated at 43 Rue de la Roquette, Paris, 75011
Telephone: 0147004200
Set Menu Price: 42 Euro
Beautifully decorated Thai restaurant located in busy Bastille.  Water features and traditional Thai decorations will soon have you relaxed.  The authentic cuisine is affordable and there is an extensive wine list to choose from.
Situated at 33 Rue Francois Miron, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0148873420
Set Menu Price: 27 Euro
Beautiful Thai restaurant in Marais area.  Stone walls, traditional Thai décor and exquisite and authentic food is what you can enjoy at Tamarind, not to be missed when next in Paris.
Midi Thai
Situated at 99 Rue des Dames, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0144690430
Average Price: 7 Euro
Light and bright, warm and relaxed, this is what Midi Thai has to offer.  Enjoy fantastic authentic cuisine along with exceptional service.
Dragons Elysees
Situated at 11 Rue de Bern, Paris, 75008
Telephone: 0142898510
Average Price: 13 Euro
Located close to Champs-Elysees, this authentic Thai restaurant offers fantastic culinary delights as you enjoy the beautiful fish aquarium.  A completely warm and relaxed place to enjoy an exceptional Thai meal.
Lao Lanxang
Situated at 105 Avenue d’Ivry, Paris, 75013
Telephone: 0145851923
Average Price: 12 Euro
Superb traditional Thai restaurant set in Parc de Choisy and close to Tolbiac metro station.  A dining experience that is pleasurable from delicious food to wonderful service.

Paris Tunisian Cuisine
Do you want to try some mouthwatering North African cuisine while holidaying in Paris? There aren’t that many Tunisian restaurants, but the ones that do exist offer authentic cuisine in traditional settings which are guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling with delight.
La Boule Rouge
Situated at 1 Rue Boule Rouge, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0147704390
Average Price: 20 Euro
North African food at its best prepared by Chef Raymond Haddad.  Combine French cuisine with Tunisian and you have the culinary delights to liven your taste buds that you will find at La Boule Rouge.
Le Jasmin de Sousse
Situated at 73 Rue des Archilles, Paris, 75003
Telephone: 0142771160
Average Price: 15 Euro
Warm and friendly ambience with delightful Tunisian specialties and exceptional service.
Chez Jaafar
Situated at 22 Rue du Sommerard, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0146339540
Average Price: 18 Euro
Authentic cuisine in a modern family restaurant.  The ambience is buzzing and friendly, the service is fantastic and the experience is one that shouldn’t be missed when you’re in Paris and looking for something exotic and exciting to eat.
Brasserie Niel
Situated at 12 Avenue Niel, Paris, 75017
Telephone: 0147549544
Average Price: 25 Euro
Upmarket restaurant offering authentic Tunisian cuisine and sumptuous desserts close to metro stations Ternes and Pereire.  There is a terrace area should you prefer to dine in the fresh air.
Le Tourne Bouchon
Situated at 71 Boulevard Raspoul, Paris, 75006
Telephone: 0145441550
Average Price: 12 Euro
Close to Rennes metro station is this traditional Tunisian restaurant.  Notre Dame Cathedral is a short walk away so you can do some sightseeing before enjoying the warm ambience, friendly service and delicious authentic food which makes Le Tourne Bouchon such a favorite among locals and holiday makers.

Paris Turkish Restaurants

If you’re after a different meal while holidaying in Paris, there are some fantastic Turkish restaurants to enjoy.  From formal to casual, from warm and cozy to modern, each one offers authentic cuisine and superior service to ensure your dining experience is a pleasurable one.
Situated at 18 Rue Louis Blanc, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0140362976
Average Price: 13 Euro
Cozy restaurant located in Canal St-Martin.  Authentic Turkish cuisine, superior service and a warm welcome is what you can expect when dining at Labranda.
Situated at 165 Rue Ordener, Paris, 75018
Telephone: 0142511846
Average Price: 10 Euro
Traditional Turkish restaurant from the décor to the superb dishes that are freshly prepared for your dining pleasure.  Busy and friendly ambience and great service paints the picture for the fantastic restaurant in the heart of Paris.
Le Cheval de Trove
Situated at 71 Rue de Charenton, Paris, 75012
Telephone: 0143442444
Average Price: 11 Euro
Quaint restaurant offering exceptional food and service.  Wonderful Turkish décor and a great ambience make this a firm favorite for locals and holiday makers alike.
Situated at 16 Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0147708784
Average Price: 19 Euro
Excellent freshly prepared authentic dishes with a wonderful ambience and great service.  Warm and cozy traditional Turkish restaurant with a relaxed and casual dining experience that you will remember for many years to come.
Situated at 40 bd Bonne Nouvelle, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0142460296
Average Price: 14 Euro
Quaint from the outside, modern and chic on the inside.  This Turkish restaurant offers a warm ambience with booth tables offering a casual dining experience for the whole family.
Situated at 12 Rue de L’echiquiet, Paris, 75010
Telephone: 0148246774
Average Price: 16 Euro
Wonderful restaurant with arched ceilings and brightly colored art covering the walls.  Truly traditional from the fantastic food to the wonderful service.
Le Risale
Situated at 245 bis Rue Saint Jacques, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143294526
Average Price: 16 Euro
Wonderful and warm restaurant with amazing Turkish culinary delights and a great atmosphere.  Friendly and helpful service along with the food is what keeps you coming back for more.
Sizin Montmarte
Situated at 45 Rue du Faubourg Montmarte, Paris, 75009
Telephone: 0153346362
Average Price: 15 Euro
Upmarket restaurant perfect for dining out with friends or a romantic meal for two.  The food is authentic Turkish and is guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing with delight, the ambience is cozy and warm and the service is good and friendly.
La Voie Lactee
Situated at 34 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0146340235
Average Price: 13 Euro
Cheerful and bright traditional Turkish restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere, exceptional authentic cuisine and great service.  This cozy restaurant is a favorite among many locals and shouldn’t be missed when wanting to try something different while visiting Paris.

Paris Vegetarian Cuisine

As a vegetarian or a vegan, you probably struggle to find a restaurant that caters for you.  Often you need to resort to a boring salad while everyone around you enjoys their delicious meals.  There are a number of vegetarian restaurants in Paris to delight you with their culinary splendor.
Les Cinq Saveurs d’Anada
Situated at 72 Rue Cardinal Lemoine, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143295854
Average Price: 16 Euro
Bistro style restaurant specializing in vegetarian cuisine.  The restaurant offers a busy atmosphere with exceptional service and wonderful and organic dishes for you to enjoy.
Saveurs Veget’Halles
Situated at 41 Rue des Bourdannais, Paris, 75001
Telephone: 0140419395
Average Price: 12 Euro
Beautiful, clean and bright restaurant with friendly ambience where you can enjoy a casual dining experience.  They offer everything from delicious salads to tofu and pastas to delight your taste buds while visiting Paris.
Le Grenier de Notre Dame
Situated at 18 Rue de la Buchene, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143299829
Set Menu Price: 16.50 Euro
Close to Notre Dame Cathedral offering a set menu with delicious vegetarian cuisine which can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Catering for vegans and making their own juices, which are sublime.
Piccolo Teatro
Situated at 6 Rue des Ecouttes, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0142721779
Average Price: 13 Euro
This quaint restaurant was made famous after appearing in Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares series.  They offer delicious vegetarian meals from soups to pasta and are situated in the heart of the Marais district.
Le Marais
Situated at 54 Rue Ste Croix de la Bretonnerie, Paris, 75004
Telephone: 0148874871
Average Price: 20 Euro
Delightful vegetarian cuisine including savory tarts, wheat pancakes and mouthwatering salads.  The atmosphere is abuzz with liveliness and the service is friendly.
Au Grain de Follie
Situated at 24 Rue la Vieuville, Paris, 75018
Telephone: 0142581557
Average Price: 15 Euro
A small and cozy restaurant serving outstanding organic vegetarian foods at affordable prices.  Due to their exceptional menu and location be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Maoz Falafel
Situated at Rue Xavier Rivas, Paris, 75005
Telephone: 0143263600
Average Price: 7 Euro
Specializing in falafel, this quaint restaurant offers limited seating, so be sure to get there early if you’re looking for a vegetarian delights.  They also offer take away if they are too busy to accommodate you.  The atmosphere is bustling and the service is good, just what you would expect from a favorite restaurant in Paris.
Le Potager du Marais
Situated at 22 Rue Rassbuteau, Paris, 75003
Telephone: 0142742466
Average Price: 10 Euro
This vegetarian restaurant has a busy atmosphere in a cozy setting.  They offer delightful dishes including their specialty, their homemade tofu.  Choose from a set menu or a la carte options and all dishes are made from fresh organic produce, perfect for the vegan in your group when visiting Paris.