Public Holidays in Paris

Paris, the name itself spells magic. It bears titles like the city of lights, the city of love and is at the top of everybody’s list of tourist destination. Paris is a dream city which is full of magic and romance. Paris has some of the most astonishing landmarks in the world and the names are known by people all across the globe. Most of us know the names of Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. Paris is charming in myriad ways and the people live in harmony and happiness. The city is dotted with several Paris hotels of various standards for tourists belonging to different strata of the society.

First time visitors generally come to Paris with a large number of expectations. When you are coming for the first time, it is always wise to gather knowledge about the city so that you do not miss out on anything. Paris is beautiful in every way and everywhere. There are grand palaces in Paris as well as backstreets, there is romance along the River Seine and there is also the rude behavior of people in the Paris nightclubs.

Paris has always been the hub of art, fashion and politics. The city is an interesting mix of various cultures and extravagant Parisian lifestyle. If you visit Paris during any of their celebrations and festivals, you will see another face of Paris which is exuberant. Paris and its various landmarks have formed befitting backdrops for films, paintings and some of the masterpieces of other art forms.

Know about the public holidays in Paris before visiting the capital city. The public holidays in Paris usually mark either the religious occasions or the national celebrations. There are around 13 days of public holidays in Paris. There are some other days when people do not work but those are not legally recognized. The legal ones include:

–  1 January         New Year’s Day

– 6 April             Good Friday (Alsace-Moselle)

–  9 April             Easter Monday

–  1 May              Labor Day

–  8 May              Victory Day (Armistice 1945)

–  17 May            Ascension Day

–  28 May            Whit Monday

– 14 July             Quatorze Juillet (National Day)

ü  15 August        Assumption Day

ü  1 November     All Saints’ Day

ü  11 November   Armistice Day

ü  25 December    Christmas Day

ü  26 December    Saint Stephen’s Day (Alsace-Moselle)

Business organizations and banks remain closed on public holidays. Hospitals, police stations and certain shopping malls and grocery stores remain open during these days. Generally the public holidays on Thursdays and Tuesdays are not taken rather people take offs on Fridays or Mondays to make a long weekend. Hotels in Paris welcomes guests on public holidays.