The Pigalle is a neighborhood of Paris named for famed 18th century sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, and famous among tourists for its variety of sex shops and burlesque entertainment venues, which make it a popular night spot. It is here that the world famous cabaret, Moulin Rouge, can be found, and here where the artist who made the cabaret famous, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, once made his home. Artists Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh also lived in this neighborhood. Today, the neighborhood is home to contemporary artists, including actor Johnny Depp, fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier, and screenwriter/actor Jean Claude Carriere, as well as models and other notables. But make no mistake-the Pigalle still prides itself on its exotic flavor, and the location of The Musée de l’érotisme (Museum of Eroticism) in this neighborhood is no mistake. Tourists flock to the Pigalle to experience a more risqué version of Parisian nightlife, and the topless and nude shows and world-famous cabarets continue to attract hordes of visitors each year. The Divan du Monde, located in the heart of the Pigalle, is an especially popular cabaret meeting spot for tourists and locals alike.