How to make the best of your weekend.

The quick weekend getaway is a relatively new form of holiday, made possible by the last decades increase in the availability of short-haul low cost flights.

Whilst we’re all used to preparing for the annual fortnight away, the weekend break takes just as much if not more planning, as you’ve got to concentrate a multitude of activities into a smaller timeframe.

Here are a few pointers as to embarking on the perfect weekend getaway:

  • Don’t go far. If you’re having trouble deciding on a destination, make distance and traveling time a primary consideration, as a short trip to Paris when you’re in New York will mean you spend more time traveling than holidaying. Try booking with Thomas Cook – they have a range of all inclusive holidays at different destinations, so there’s bound to be something nearby.
  • In considering destination choice, do think about the kind of holiday you want – do you enjoy sightseeing more than sunbathing? Want an activities-based weekend or a sedate one? Some destinations will be better than others for those with specific tastes so do your research and find a spot that will satisfy your holiday desires.
  • Be targeted; you don’t have much time so be focused on whatever it is that you really want to do. Make an itinerary and stick to it; at least if you veer off course halfway through the day, you’ll have done half the things you intended.
  • Pre-book. If there’s a particular sight you want to see, book a slot and avoid queues. This way you get to enjoy the spectacle without any of the stress attendant upon waiting around or dealing with large crowds.
  • Pack light. If you’re a particularly savvy traveler you may be able to get away with hand luggage only but even if that’s not the case, it pays to pack as little as you can comfortably get away with. For a 3 night stay somewhere, the services of a sherpa should not be needed.
  • Don’t be too ambitious – if you try to pack too much in, you’ll either grow frustrated when the list of things to do is still frighteningly far from completion as you near the end of the trip. Or alternatively, you’ll be in too much of a hurry passing from one site to the next, to truly appreciate your holiday. Remember, if you like it, you can always come back!