Weather and Climate in Paris

Paris being the capital of France is also the largest city. It is situated on the river Seine in northern France right in the middle of Ile-de-France region. The city is flat and includes two islands – the Ile de la Cite the smaller and the larger Ile Saint Louis. The city enjoys a typical Western European Oceanic climate owing to its geographical location. In a nutshell, Paris’s climate can be described as moderately wet and mild throughout the year. Paris has several prominent hills, the highest of which is Montmartre.

Paris weather is highly unpredictable. Though it lies right at the heart of Ile de France region which records the lowest rainfall, the capital city is famous for its unexpected rain showers throughout the year. Paris summers and mild to warm with occasional heat waves and during winters are cold with temperatures dipping to freezing point.

During summer months, Paris enjoys a fair amount of sunshine. The weather is warm and pleasant with average temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees centigrade. However, during heat waves the temperature may soar to 32 degrees centigrade. The heat wave of 2003 recorded temperatures as high as 40 degrees centigrade which seldom cooled down at night.

On the other hand, Paris during spring and autumn has mild days and fresh nights, but again are unstable. Paris weather never ceases to spring surprises. Temperatures drop or rise dramatically in a day. Parisians will tell you that if you are sweating today in 35 degrees centigrade, tomorrow the sun may not shine at all and there may be heavy showers.

Paris winters are chilly and late night frosts are very common. The temperature dips below -5degree centigrade only for a few days. Snowfall is not common, but the city sometimes sees light snow or flurries. During the cold waves in the year 2009 and 2010 the temperatures dipped down to as low as -10 and -20 degrees centigrade.

The climate and weather of Paris is suitable for urban sports. When the beautiful sun shines in over the capital you can enjoy the rollerblading and skateboarding practice and demonstrations by the locals. They enjoy these outdoor activities in front of the famous Louvre and Palais Royal.

Once in Paris, you understand why the European people like to talk about the weather. Unlike most of the parts in the world the weather in Paris is inconsistent. While some days are mild to warm, sunny and windy, the other days are brutally cold and chilly. If you visit Paris, before chalking out any plans be sure to check out with the weatherman and expect the unexpected.