Paris Universities

As a sophisticated and historic city, Paris offers numerous opportunities for university studies.

The oldest and most well-known are the programs offered through the University of Paris, an institution that dates from the 12th century. Often referred to as the Sorbonne, the University is actually comprised of thirteen universities split over three academies in the Paris area. The programs associated with the Sorbonne itself include courses of study in the social sciences, languages, and the arts.

The American University in Paris (AUP) offers both local and foreign students undergraduate degree programs in fourteen areas and graduate studies in five disciplines. The location of the AUP near the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre allows the students to take advantage of Paris’ many cultural opportunities in addition to their academic endeavors.

Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) is a large university specializing in science and medicine disciplines. With an enrollment of 30,000 students and partnerships with numerous teaching hospitals and health care programs, the UPMC is a top choice for those wishing to pursue a career in health care or the sciences.

The University of London Institute in Paris
is an outpost of the acclaimed University of London and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. One highlight of the University’s offerings is the Master’s of Arts in Paris Studies, which allows the students to explore the intellectual and cultural life of Paris at an in-depth level.