The Paris Tourist Office is situated at 25 Rue des Pyramides, Paris, 75001 and can be contacted on 0149524263.

The Paris Tourist Office is a knowledge base of everything you need to know when visiting Paris from guided tours to cruises.

They are a home to a wide variety of travel organizations including the Port of Paris Authority who arrange cruises and boat hire during your stay. It doesn’t matter whether you want to purchase a Metro Pass to use unlimited public transport or a Museum Pass to visit over seventy museums and monuments during your stay, it can all be arranged here at the Tourism offices.

Paris is alive with heritage and culture and there are over seventy amazing museums to keep you busy while visiting this beautiful and romantic city, there are also a choice of famous monuments from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame Cathedral that shouldn’t be missed during your holiday.

Tours can be arranged from the offices whether you want a guided tour of the museums or a walking tour of the Paris streets and cobbled paths, there is a tour for everyone so you can be assured you don’t miss anything.

Cruises are a wonderful way to view the city from a different perspective, see the Eiffel Tower at night lit up and bright or enjoy the scenic city skyline from the water as you enjoy a cruise that will be remembered for many years to come.

Of course Paris isn’t only about culture and heritage there are a number of zoo’s, aquariums, parks and theme parks for the family to enjoy.

Entry and travel information is available at the offices, making it easy for you to plan your day’s outing. Remember the public transport system is extensive, so you can get to anywhere you want to go using either public bus, metro rail or regional commuter rail systems, all of which you can access for free on your metro pass.

A little bit of culture is necessary in Paris and there are always shows and performances happening at the Theatres dotted around the city.

For upcoming shows or what is already showing, the tourist offices will be able to give you a full breakdown and assist you in purchasing tickets for a wonderful night out.

Exhibitions are big in Paris with art exhibitions constantly taking place somewhere in the city, all this information is also available at the Paris Tourist Office and along with the travel organizations, they have made it possible to keep you updated of everything happening right now that may interest you during your stay.

When vacationing in Paris whether it’s for three days or two weeks, it’s a good idea to pop past the Paris Tourist Office, they have maps of the area and tours for you to choose from to ensure your holiday is filled with sightseeing and fun.