Tea Rooms in Paris

The Best Tea Rooms in Paris

While vacationing in Paris, no one misses to visit its internationally renowned caf├ęs and chocolate shops.

However, the city also has some popular tea rooms that serve some authentic range of aromatic and regular tea to the guests.

Visiting these tea rooms during the lunchtime is one great option as you find a wide variety of healthier and lighter food in contrast to the heavier and traditional dishes served in another place. Here is a list of some popular tea rooms in Paris.

Les Deux Abeilles

As a renowned family-run tea room, Les Deux Abeilles is considered as one best tea room in Paris. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood adjacent to the iconic Eiffel Tower, this beautiful tea room is a traditional quaint tea room featuring some of the best aromatic tea in the city.

Its antique furniture and the typical pink, tea-rose wallpapers enhance the interiors.
Each of the tea varieties is very reasonably priced and includes some of the unusual blends of flavor such as the popular Mediterranean flavor with the citrus nuances.


Established back in 1903, this popular tea salon is one best tea room in Paris and a popular local favorite.
Located near the arcades of the Rue de Rivoli where the chain of luxurious Parisian hotels stand, this tea room is a great choice for the guests staying in the near by hotels.

Though it is known as a typical tea salon, you will also get fresh salads, breakfasts, lunches and desserts here.


Founded in the year in 1802, Dalloyau tea room is a popular tea room in Paris at present. The local crowd and tourists love its aromatic teas and the flavors.

You can try their fruit tea on a midsummer’s day or the grapefruit flavored tea with the orange and rose oil essence.
If you want to try something different, ask for the non-fragrant Darjeeling tea.

Bertillon Glacier

Believe it or not, this family enterprise has over 70 different flavors of delicious ice cream and an array of tea varieties.
Local people love the quality of the fresh products here.

Some of the popular house specialties are the coffee-tiramisu, caramel-pear and Mandarin chocolate.

L’Artisan des Saveurs

This is a family-friendly and butter-yellow-toned tea room that serves some of the best teas and nice lunch offerings along with an excellent choice of traditional macarons and delectable patisserie.

La Charlotte de l’Isle

This tea room in Paris was founded back in 1972; apart from the popular house specialties such as the cakes, chocolate figurines and other goodies, the aromatic fruit teas are quite popular.

This place is also known for its impromptu musical performances and the traditional antique chocolate molds.