Sometimes people are lucky enough to be transferred to Paris for a job, or visitors to Paris fall so in love with the city that they decide to move there.

Whether you are visiting Paris on holiday and moving there permanently, there are so many apartments, villa’s and houses on offer for you to choose from.

Some people prefer self catering apartments over hotels and although you don’t have the restaurant on-site on the concierge desk, you have your privacy and it is a cheaper option if travelling on a budget.

Paris with it’s busy lanes, avenues and alleys is mostly apartments, stay in a beautiful architectural building where the apartment is modern and spacious or stay near the Louvre Museum in a modern duplex apartment.  The choices are unlimited and there is so much to offer.

Short term rentals come fully furnished and usually include a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher, everything is designed to make your holiday as memorable as possible.

For a romantic getaway choose a villa or house with private terrace and parking. Once you arrive you can take advantage of the excellent public transport system and not have to worry about parking and manoevering through the busy streets.

If you intend staying on in Paris for a while, there are a large selection of long term rentals or properties for sale to suit most budgets.  Stay in a traditional apartment with wooden beamed ceilings and a mezzanine bedroom or stay in a comfortable one bedroomed house just outside the city limits in a quiet area away from the bustling crowd.

Have you fallen in love with Paris and are thinking of buying a holiday home? Maybe you’re moving to Paris permanently.  Properties are reasonably priced to most people and you can find a studio apartment in the city for 89,000 Euros.  Large five bedroom homes go for around 990,000 Euros and have large gardens and vast spaces.

Most of the real estate in Paris isn’t overly priced, which is surprising.  Outlying the city is beautiful areas that are peaceful and quiet but close enough to get into the city with ease.  These homes, apartments and bungalows are all reasonably priced and are ideal for holidays or longer term stays.

Whether you prefer the more traditional type apartments or homes or the modern condo, you can find it in Paris.  Some areas have traditional architectural buildings that blend in with the area and timeline, while other areas have modern homes with minimalistic feel and style.

Taking a short term rental means that a group of you can stay under one roof, which makes it more convenient, unlike a hotel where you could be separated by floors an large distances. Also bear in mind that most apartments on shorter rentals offer complimentary wireless internet, which is advantageous if you need to stay in contact with home.