Affordable Paris Travel with Rail Passes

The frustration and exhaustion you can feel when travelling to Paris from anywhere in Europe is immense.  You have tunnels, ferries and long roads that leave you exhausted before your holiday begins.  Honestly there must be an easier way to get to the most romantic city in the world?  Well we’ve found it.

Rail passes are an affordable way to travel by rail whether you intend visiting all the Paris attractions or you intend visiting Paris and a choice of other European cities during your vacation.

The rail passes enable you to purchase tickets to get to one or multiple cities over a certain period of time, making your travelling comfortable, enjoyable, scenic and affordable with family packages; standard and business class packages available.

Arranging your next family vacation is such an exciting time, maybe you’re planning on taking the family to Disneyland Paris or you want to enjoy a cultural holiday visiting all the fantastic sights and museums.  Once you arrive in Paris the transport networks is so extensive, you don’t need a car, so why not do away with the travelling frustration, cut your costs dramatically and enjoy what the railway has to offer with the fantastic cheap and comfortable rail passes?

Paris is alive with lights, great nightlife, fantastic cuisine and some of the most famous attractions that any city has to offer from the Champs-Elysees to the Eiffel Tower.  But often the decision to drive can ruin the entire holiday as you arrive hot and bothered, angry and frustrated, really not a great way to start the holiday you have been looking for.

Why Travel By Train?
travel to paris by train

You’re probably wondering why travel by train when you can fly if you don’t want to add frustration to your holiday by driving.  These trains travel at an average of two hundred miles an hour, much faster than any car can travel at.

They offer air conditioning, ample leg room and restaurants, so you can travel in comfort while enjoying a light lunch en route.  You travel on modern trains through beautiful scenery and mountain passes, making the entire experience worthwhile.

Buying rail passes lets you budget for your holiday, you save a lot of money on the wear and tear to your vehicle and petrol and you get a choice of discounts from various Paris museums and attractions to take advantage of before you head home again.