Paris Opera

The beautiful city of Paris has many attributes to entice the artist and the art lover alike.

The romantic city of Paris is known for its culture, beauty and opera.  Visitors to the area take advantage of the magnificent opera houses in Paris for a night of culture and entertainment.

The Paris Opera is the main opera company and started in 1669.  This opera company performs mainly at Opera Bastille and Palais Garnier, which seats 2,200 people per performance.

Other opera houses include Comedie Francaise which was built in 1799 and Theatre de l’Odeon which was built in 1782, although it burned down in 1807 it has been rebuilt to its former glory.

Another wonderful opera house is the Theatre des Champse-Elysees which was built in 1913.  All the opera houses in Paris are architectural masterpieces and tours are available for daytime, where you can walk around and soak up the grandeur and beauty these theatres have to offer.

Every year the Paris Opera put on a variety of performances and this year is the same. Still to come this year is Salome at the Opera Bastille and La Clemence de Titus at the Palais Garnier.  Other operas to start this year is Faust and Tannhauser, which are both to be performed at Opera Bastille.

Visiting Paris for a romantic getaway or a family vacation should include a night at the opera; you will not be disappointed with the beauty and enchantment these performances offer.

Bibliotheque-Musee de l’Opera National de Paris is the museum and library of the Paris Opera.  It is located at Palais Garnier and is open daily.  You can view the archives of this famous opera company since its formation in 1669.

Another important part of the Paris Opera is the Paris Opera Ballet.  This is the oldest ballet company in the world and has been an important part of the opera since 1673.

The Paris Opera Ballet School started in 1713 and most ballet schools around the world can be traced back here.

There are still some amazing performances to not be missed this year including Lifar / Ratmasnky at the Palais Garnier, La Source at Palais Garnier and Cendrillon at Opera Bastille.

If you are travelling to Paris for a leisurely vacation and want to soak up some of the culture while there, you really need to consider visiting the museums and having a night at the opera or ballet.  This is what Paris is known for and while it is the most romantic city in the world, its heritage shines through when it comes to opera and ballet performances.