Paris, the vibrant capital city of France is famous for its rich cultural heritage. It is famous for its gardens, museums and famous landmarks. Besides the known tourist attractions, Paris is also famous for its hidden treasures.  If you are a tourist, do not forget to visit the unseen and less frequented attractions.

Paris – Saint-Ouen flea market lies North of Paris just beyond the Peripherique Ring Road. It is one of the biggest antiques market in the world. Take a stroll through this magical wonderland in your spare time.  The Cathedral Basilica of Saint-Denis is another imposing structure and a fine example of Gothic art and architecture. It is also the burial place of many kings in France. The Stade de France is another fabulous architecture where visitors go on tour to attend operas, concerts and car races on ice. If you are putting up at a hotel near the airport the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget is not to be missed. It houses most of the world’s flying machines in the aviation history.

As a tourist if you are interested to spend your time away from the humdrum of the busy city then the Cane de I’Ourcq is the best place. Explore the changing landscaped through various outdoor activities like boating, biking or roller blades. La Villete is another lesser known tourist attractions in Paris. It is unique complex not seen anywhere in the world. It is combination of nature and beautiful buildings. It is beautiful amalgamation of arts and science. It is a tourist hot spot for enjoying leisure activities or pursuing cultural activities.

You can also embark on a private tour of the Sacre Coeur, Place du Tertre and other private areas by Mayor Yatt. This is where ceremonies like wedding and baptism take place. Another place off the beaten track in Paris would be the Rocher de la Sorciere popularly known as the Witches Rock.  It is located in an unnamed alley between 65 rue Lepic and 23 Avenue. While taking a stroll down the avenue you will feel its wild and unlawful ambiance. The Witches Rock sits right at the top of a staircase that leads down. It is not possible to climb down the stairs as some of them have broken.

The unseen and the hidden Paris will intrigue you. The French capital never ceases to surprise you, there is something unknown or unseen waiting in the nook and corners of the city. Exploring Paris off the beaten track is an enthralling experience which would remain in the memories.