Paris France Newspapers

As with any large cosmopolitan city, Paris has a great number of newspaper offerings. Most are published in French, but Paris’ status as an international destination has lead to newspapers offered in a variety of languages, including English.
• L’Equipe is a daily sports newspaper with a daily circulation of 300,000 – 400,000.
• L’Humanite is the daily newspaper published by the French Communist Party, which is not to be confused with the Revolutionary Communist League.
• La Croix is a daily family newspaper with such topics as world news, culture, science, the economy, religion & spirituality, and parenting.
• La Tribune is a daily finance and economic newspaper.
• Le Figaro is a widely-read daily morning newspaper with a circulation of over 300,000 daily.
• Le Monde is a popular evening daily newspaper; its circulation is over 400,000 daily.
• Le Parisien is a conservative daily newspaper with a circulation near 400,000 daily.
• Les Echos is a daily economic and finance newspaper with a daily circulation just under 200,000.
• Liberation was the first French daily newspaper to have a website; its circulation is near 200,000 daily.

English Newspapers

• Connexion is a monthly news publication for English-speaking expatriates living in Paris.
• French News provides regional and national news and travel information.
• The International Herald Tribune is the global edition of the New York Times; it is a well-known international newspaper with a focus on news from all over the world.