The New Wanderlust in Paris.
April 23rd 2012

Wanderlust in Paris is possibly on of the up and coming Paris hotspots, located on the River Seine in the center of the city.

Wanderlust boasts a large terrace area, an eighty seater open air cinema, a bar, a club and a restaurant. It’s been described as an area filled with leisure, culture and a lineup of exciting events.

Fashion shows, music and a choice of performances are included in the upcoming line up of events happening here.  This will be home to heath mornings with yoga and Pilate’s classes, children’s activities will take place in the afternoons with fun markets selling food and clothing.

Relax on the terrace or enjoy a fantastic meal in the restaurant while the children play in the afternoon. Wanderlust is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 6am.


Lady Gaga in Paris

Music sensation Lady Gaga will be performing at the Stade de France in Paris on 22 September 2012 and tickets go on sale on 16 April 2012 at 10am (Paris time).

There will be five categories of tickets available for sale with prices starting from fifty Euros. This concert is part of the musicians world tour, The Born This Way Ball which starts in South Korea on 27 April. From there she moves on to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore before heading to Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

She arrives in Europe to perform in London, Sweden and Denmark before moving to Paris for a one night performance only.

Lady Gaga is an American singer and songwriter who was born in New York. She has been musically talented her entire life and learned to play the piano at four years old. She was accepted to the prestigious Julliard School at the age of eleven and wrote her first piano ballad at thirteen, by fourteen she was performing and today she is a world recognized performer.

Take Advantage of 10% Discount on Paris Pass

If you are planning a trip to the City of Lights this year, you may want to take advantage of the ten percent offer being given on all Paris Passes purchased before 20 March 2012, you only have one day left to take advantage of this promotional offer.

The Paris Pass is valid for a period of twelve months and enables you to enjoy everything Paris has to offer on a budget from public transport to visiting some of the best known sites and museums.

Paris is home to over seventy museums, there are monuments and famous sites, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower, which should not be left off your list.

Thanks to the extensive public transport network that is in place in the city, you can easily enjoy access to all areas through metro, commuter rail or public bus and the Paris pass offers you unlimited access for the duration that you have chosen.

The discount on the Paris Pass which ends tomorrow is available on tickets bought for four or six days enabling you to enjoy as many sights, museums and transport you want, helping you budget your next Paris vacation with ease.


Monday march 12th 2012

Europe’s Tallest Buildings To Be Built in Paris

Paris is due to become home to Europe’s tallest buildings in approximately four years’ time.  The twin buildings called Hermitage Plaza are due to be constructed in La Defense district and are to stand a staggering 1,059 feet tall.

Hermitage Plaza was designed by British architects and will house offices, shopping complex, hotel and superb luxury apartments. The buildings will stand ninety three story’s high, forty feet taller than London’s Shard, which is currently under construction.

Paris has no shortage of superb architecture through the city with fabulous boutique shops, superior hotels, great restaurants and wonderful apartments. The towers will be an added welcome to the area.


Thursday march 8th 2012

2012 Michelin Guide Awards Stars to Luxury Hotel in Paris


Shangri-La Hotel in Paris is the only French hotel to have both of their on-site restaurants receives recognition in the Michelin guide.  The accomplishment is seen after only one year of each restaurant opening.

The first of their restaurants L’Abeille was awarded two stars. This restaurant opened in March 2011 under the eye of Executive Chef Philippe Labbe and offers a modern twist on the French classics.

The second restaurant Shang Palace is a Chinese restaurant and was awarded one star. Shang Palace opened their doors in September 2011 and is the first gourmet Chinese restaurant in Paris. It’s managed by Chef Frank Xu and offers you the traditional Chinese favorites.

There are a large number of gastronomic restaurants in Paris, each one offering their own unique twist on many of the international classics we all love and know.


Tuesday march 6th 2012

Eurostar Experiencing Delays after French Power Failures


The power failures crippling France have caused major disruptions on the Eurostar lines today with many trains being held up for hours and some even being cancelled. The problem occurred after a power line came down between The Channel and Paris, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded on trains including some Fashion Week models.

People travelling from the UK to Paris claim their delay was up to eleven hours with some being left in the dark for extended periods of time with nowhere to go.

Four of the trains have been cancelled so far from Brussels and Lille and passengers are requested to reschedule. The passengers who were stuck on trains for extended periods had to manage with rationed water supplies which were handed out in cups.

For those of you who are travelling on the Eurostar today, it’s advisable to check the schedule and confirm if delays are still in place before heading off.


Thursday March 1st 2012

Paris-Nice 2012 Cycle Event

This weekend sees the first European stage of the cycling circuit for 2012 with an eight day race which starts in France and finishes in Nice. The race runs from Sunday 4 March with time trials and ends on Sunday 11 March, one thousand one hundred and fifty five kilometers later.

The start of the race can be seen at Dampiene-en Yvelines on Sunday 4 March and you can follow the cyclists and show your support up to the end at Col D’Eze in Nice on Sunday 11 March.

This is one of the toughest cycling events with each stage welcoming rolling hills and difficult weather conditions.

The last two winners who managed to battle on through and win the race were Tony Martin from Germany in 2011 and  Alberto Contador from Spain in 2010.

Results and stages will be available for you to see on the television with live broadcasting, but if you’re in Paris this weekend, why not give the cyclists some support.

Tuesday february 28th 2012

2012 IFFS to Take Place in Paris

The IFFS, International Film Festival Summit, has chosen Paris for their 2012 gathering.  The summit takes place on third and fourth of April and will see Paris welcoming over one hundred executives and directors from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

These top industry executives will discuss all aspects of the film industry from sponsorships, operations and trends to technology and public relations.

The IFFS started in Europe in 2002 and it is the second time it’s being held in the city of lights.  This summit is an integral part of the film making process in Europe and keeps directors and executives up to date on industry news, events, and courses and offers educational programs.

Friday february 24th 2012

New Driving Laws in France from 1 July for UK Drivers

A staggering three million UK residents cross the channel in their cars each and every year, but from 1 July 2012 there are new rules in place on French roads that must be complied with.

All drivers will have to carry a portable breath tester as of 1 July 2012 as the new law comes into effect for all cars on French roads, a fine will be charged for drivers without the required equipment.

The test kit will cost around two Pounds Sterling and will be available at all Channel ports. This is being carried out to ensure that drivers comply with the drink driving laws of France which tolerates 30mg less per 100ml of blood than in the UK.

Other requirements are that all vehicles must have a triangle, fluorescent vest and they must adjust their headlights to not blind other drivers before venturing out abroad in their cars.

So if you’re planning to drive to Paris in the next couple of months, make sure you have all the health and safety equipment required by the French Government before you leave home.

Monday February 20th 2012
The Two Giant Pandas Are Eventually On Display

The arrival of the two giant pandas to France recently made a wave of headlines after their long and exhausting trip from China on 15 January.

They have now settled into their new and beautifully decorated enclosures at ZooParc de Beaval, a short and scenic drive from Paris and were visible to the public for this first time on Saturday 18 February.

This is the first time in twelve years that pandas can be viewed in France. But excitement rose when it was noticed that two pandas arrived at Edinburgh Zoo in December.  The UK pandas are both older at eight years old, while the new French celebrities are only three.

The guess work has already started as to which of the pair will breed first, though it’s speculated that the UK pandas will be first due to their age, though they are still in separate enclosures, while the French pandas are happily playing together.  When either of the pair does breed successfully the cub will remain Chinese property.

ZooParc de Beaval is a scenic and pleasant drive from Paris; there are a lot of wonderful animals on display, so it’s worthwhile visiting when you’re next holidaying in Paris.

Friday February 17th 2012

Six Nations Moves to Paris for the France vs. Ireland Match

The French six nations team have been top contenders lately winning a staggering eleven of their twelve recent matches, though Ireland are still hoping to win the Paris match, which will make it their second win in Paris since 1972.

Keith Earls is returning to the center for the French team, which the Ireland team is hoping to beat the home team for the first time in over a century.

In anticipation for the influx of supporters who will be making their way to Paris to witness the exciting match, airline Ryanair have added additional flights to and from Paris for all the supporters.

The supporters will be able to take advantage of the additional flights, superb hotels and attractions Paris has to offer before and after the match before heading home. Flights are scheduled to leave Ireland on Saturday 3 March with return flights from as early as Sunday 4 March.

Anyone wanting to be included in the fun should ensure they book their hotel accommodation early to avoid disappointment. While Paris has no shortage of quality hotels at affordable prices and the transport system is extensive, if you want to be close to where the match is to take place, early booking is advisable.

Monday February 13th 2012

Paris Wine Makers are turning to London for Inspiration

Paris is an area known for its wine making dating back to the 1800’s when it was considered wonderful quality.  These days however, these wines aren’t making the grade and aren’t popular choices. As a resort, these wine makers are turning to London for inspiration when it comes to growing grapes.

Paris is a magnificent city surrounded by over two hundred vineyards covering over thirty acres of land and these vineyards are now demanding recognition.

Sadly the vine diseases and urbanisation over the years have left these wines as poor quality, seldom purchased or used by anyone other than themselves.  This may be due to the fact that they have tasted sour and unpleasant.

Significant Improvements

Though there has been a significant improvement in the grape quality in recent years, thereby improving the taste of the wines.  Right now there is only one vineyard that has commercial rights; the others are fighting for survival.

This is why they’re trying to follow the winemaking steps taken in London where grapes are removed from various vineyards and made into one exquisite wine. By doing this the wines from the Paris region would be something to be proud of, something everyone would enjoy with a relaxing dinner in a beautiful Parisian restaurant .

Friday February 10th 2012

April is Home to 36th Paris Marathon

The Paris marathon is one of the top five largest in the world today and this year it’s celebrating its 36th anniversary.

Every year this exciting sporting event attracts thousands of competitors and spectators and this year is no different with all the spaces already being sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come along to cheer them on.

The race starts at 8.45am on the 15 April 2012 at Champs Elysees and finishes in Avenue Foch; though due to the route through the city you can see the athletes and enjoy the excitement of the race from the Arc de Triomphe.

Any visitors travelling to Paris during this time will be drawn to the excitement and will soon be part of the cheering spectators as thousands of runners take to the streets in two races, the disabled race starts ten minutes earlier and is also draws a really big crowd.

The hotels in Paris are ready to welcome athletes and spectators with open arms during this event, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment

Thursday February 9th 2012

Michelin Chef Heads for Paris

Antonin Bonnet, the executive chef of a Michelin starred London restaurant is heading to Paris to make a name for himself.

Bonnet, a French chef, has run the Michelin restaurant in London for years, but is ready to return home to his roots by opening a small restaurant in the heart of Paris. The restaurant is currently in designer stages but Bonnet has high hopes and says that it should be open in spring this year.

The restaurant is going to be informal and packed with atmosphere, there is also a bar being designed, making it a great place to eat and play.

Paris has no shortage of great restaurants from all corners of the globe, but having one of the French greats return to his homeland is to be marked as a great occasion. We can only wait in anticipation until the restaurant opens and see what Bonnet has planned.

If you are looking for great restaurants to dine at while holidaying in Paris, you can choose from all sorts of restaurants, from the comfortable family establishments to the gourmet restaurants with food from France, China, Mexico and Italy, just to name a few.

Thursday February 2nd  2012
Disneyland Paris set to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Disneyland Paris is getting geared up for loads of celebrations, new attractions, events and shows from 1 April 2012 to celebrate their twentieth anniversary.

The well-known theme park is adding some night time extravaganzas, adding extended hours and doing a lot of refurbishments, including their landing stage in preparation for the exciting celebrations due in a few months.

The extended hours for this year will run from 1 April 2012 to 30 September 2012 and will stay open late into the night for everyone to enjoy the night time show, Dreams.

Disneyland Paris is one of the most famous Paris attractions, attracting millions on visitors to Paris each year. The children get to visit with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, enjoy thrilling rides and just enjoy being children.

Holidaying in Paris as a family and not visiting Disneyland Paris is unheard of, so be sure to book your hotel and visit this year as the amusement park celebrates 20 years.

Tuesday, January 31st 2012
Marks and Spencer’s is back in Paris


The return of the famous Marks and Spencer’s store has been a very long awaited and welcomed one. M&S as it’s better known throughout the world closed its doors in Paris over ten years ago surrounded by rumors and speculations.

The new three story store is now open and ready for you to find your favorite clothing lines and a limited food line at 100 Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The fact that this store is specializing in clothing and lingerie was a big disappointment to many British ex-pats who were hoping for all their home comforts including streaky bacon and scotch eggs. But the important thing is that the store has been opened not only for expats, but for the whole city.

18 M&S stores were closed in France in 2001, but M&S state that the closure was a tragic mistake. It not only was a mistake for the brand, but it caused street protests and resulted in 1,700 people losing their jobs.

This was taken further by French politicians and trade unions resulting in the former CEO being fined.

Now the new flagship store is standing proud on one of the most famous streets in the world where it is happy to offer its quality merchandise once again. There are another three more stores expected to open around Paris in the coming year, but the flagship store is hoping to offer something special to Champs-Elysees.

Champs-Elysees is one of the most renowned streets in the world when it comes to shopping and luxury hotels; there is easy transport to the street which is lined with beautiful stores and coffee shops. Be sure to visit when next in Paris, sit and have a coffee as you watch the bustling shoppers go by.

Two Panda Bears Become Biggest French Celebrities

Two beautiful and exotic panda bears arrived safely in France this weekend and have moved into their new homes at Beauval Zoo, only a two hour drive from Paris. If you’re looking for Paris attractions, add this to your to do list.

After years of discussions and negotiations these bears eventually arrived on French soil safe and sound on Sunday 14 January 2012. Yuan Zi and Huan Huan travelled 5,000 miles by air to reach the largest zoo in France. These new celebrities arrived in two huge boxes, keeping them hidden from the bustling paparazzi and are quietly adjusting to their new habitats at the zoo. Unfortunately if you want to see the panda bears you will have to wait until the 11th February 2012.

The Drive is Worth It

When looking at Paris attractions to keep you entertained then you should visit Beauval Zoo, a short two hour drive from Paris through beautiful Orleans and famous Versailles. You can stop along the route for a bite to eat or some shopping before viewing the 4,000 animals on exhibit at the zoo including magnificent koala bears, white tigers and lions.

The zoo is considered one of the thirty best zoos in the world and you will understand when you arrive to explore the many exhibits of exotic animals from all over the world.
When travelling to Paris you want to explore as much as you can. You want to experience the culture and the arts, you want to visit the museums and see all the famous sights. When travelling with a family, a short two hour drive with great stops along the way is worthwhile to see the new French celebrities that have arrived at the zoo. Don’t miss the fun and excitement of the zoo, add Beauval Zoo to your Paris attractions list and see your children’s faces light up with excitement.