Is there a more romantic, chic and elegant city in the world than Paris?
A tourist can visit Paris time after time and never see half of what the city has to offer. Apart from all of the obvious attractions, it also boasts some of the most mouth-watering culinary delights.
With its liberal gambling laws, Paris offers some excellent options for the gambler, whether at one of the eight legalized casinos or at one of the six racecourses in and around Paris.
Gambling at casinos and racecourses is controlled by the government. Two organizations, Le Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) and Le Pari Mutuel Hippodrome (PMH) were setup by the authorities to control horse racing, lotteries and all other manner of sports betting.
The eight Paris casinos are as follows:
Association Cercle Eldo, located at 33 Boulevard Saint Martin is open daily from 2pm-6am and has five poker tables and one table. Casino games played include Multicolour, Poker and Stud Poker. The property has one bar.

Aviation Club de France was opened by a group of aviators back in 1907 and can be found at 104 Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its gaming space features twenty-nine tables and poker games. Casino games include Baccarat, Backgammon Tournaments, Blackjack, Poker and Stud Poker. The property has one restaurant.

Cercle Anglais is at 4 Boulevard des Capucines and features six tables and poker games. It offers an unusual variant of poker “Poker 21″ also known as “Railway.”

Cercle Central at 2 Rue Frochot is open 3pm-7am weekdays and 10am at the weekend. It is a true Parisian institution and has been operational for more than 45 years. The casino’s gaming space features eleven table and poker games.

Cercle Clichy Montmatre at 84, Rue de Clichy is open daily from 4pm-6am. The casino’s gaming space features eleven table and poker games. It also features 3 French billiard tables, 8 American billiard tables, one pool and one snooker table. The club also has two bars.

Cercle Gaillon at 11 Rue de Berri near the Champs Elysee is one of the oldest and most well-known casinos in Paris. It is open from 3pm-7am. In addition to poker the casino offers Blackjack and roulette.

Cercle Hausmann at 22 Rue de la Michodiere, is open daily from 2pm-7am and offers table games of stud poker, Punto Banco, Poker 21, and 3 card poker. It provides a full service restaurant and an American bar.

Cercle Wagram at 47 Avenue de Wagram is open daily from 2pm-6am. The casino’s gaming space features thirty-seven table and poker games. The property has two restaurants and a bar.

If you’ve spent a long night in the casino, where better to go next than the racecourse for fresh air and a chance to enjoy the delights of French horse racing.

The most famous racecourse in Paris is at Longchamp in the Bois de Boulogne. The course is used for flat racing and sixteen Group 1 events are held here annually including the prestigious Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on the first Sunday in October.

The Auteuil Racecourse is 0perated by France Galop, the governing body of flat and steeplechase horse racing in France. Important races held at this course include the Prix du Président de la République in April, the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in late May, the Grande Course de Haies in June, and the Prix La Haye Jousselin in early November.

Other racecourses located close to Paris include Chantilly, Deauville, Enghien, Maisons-Laffitte and Saint-Cloud.
There’s no point being at the race track if you’re not going to place a bet. But even if you can’t make the race track, you can still place a bet. Only about 20% of betting actually takes place at the racecourse, while the other 80% of bets are made at PMU licensed kiosks and bars.
Having left the race track with your winnings you may decide to chance your luck by playing the state controlled French national lottery, which features a number of different games.
If you still want to gamble there is one final option available. Online gambling was legalized in France in May 2010, with three different activities allowed. These include online sports betting, online horse race betting and online poker games.
Whatever you decide to play may I wish you bonne chance.

Johnny Hasson is an avid traveler and blogger. He has visited casinos all around the world. When he is stuck in the UK he gets his fix by playing online at Smart Live Casino.