Paris – the ‘City of Lights’ is also well known as the ‘City of Love’. ‘Paris’ in Greek mythology is the voluptuous Goddess of Love and a favorite Aphrodite. Paris was ready to risk his homeland, title and his life for his love Helen – the most beautiful woman in the world. Since then, the name Paris is synonymous with the word love. There is a saying that with the French people love is a tradition.

If you are a tourist and visiting Paris for the first time, enjoy the romantic vibe of the city. This is the city of lovers and city you will fall in love with. Parisians are endowed with an intrinsic aesthetic sense. There is a touch of romance everywhere. Each monument, cafe, bridges and even the Paris hotels speak about love and romance.

There are certain ‘must do’s’ on a romantic vacation to Paris. The new science museum at La Villette is a must. Take a romantic walk down the Champs Elysees. The local Parisians lament that this famous road has lost its romantic ambiance to the fast food and the fast money trade. If you feel it is too crowded, Marais is the right place. It is a rundown district with all its old world charms and is being restored of its former glory. It is easy to reach this place from any hotel in Paris.

The imposing structure of the Louvre Museum – the home of Mona Lisa will entice you. You will simply fall in love with the Pompidou Center, which houses the National Museum of Modern Art. While traveling up in an escalator you can catch magnificent views through the glass walls. In the nearby square you can watch street theater, trick cyclists and clowns trying to entertain the visitors.

Try the iconic Moulin Rougue by night. By night the flashing lights of the Moulin Rouge windmill will awe you. When you are in Paris do not miss out on nightclubbing. Any hotel in Paris will name the Folies Bergere, Paradis Lido or the Crazy horse as some of the best places to experience nightlife. For lovers of art a stroll around Montmartre is a must. It is here that you get to see the paintings of maestros like Vincent Gogh and others. Notre-Dame Cathedral is unique in its aesthetic appeal. There is also a pedestrian link between the right and the left bank.

When you are in Paris ‘Love is in the air’!