Paris for handicapped travelers.

Can I travel through Paris though handicapped?

The answer is yes, all you need is a little more patience and flexibility than other travelers.

The travel definitely becomes easier if you have a little more perks and a better sense of humor.

Innumerable recent measures have been taken in order to make it easier for the visitors with disabilities or limited mobility to get around Paris.

As compared to Paris metro, RER (sub-urban express trains) are much better-equipped for those with limited mobility.

All of the lines ca be easily accessed by the passengers with wheelchairs ad that too from most of the stations.

Paris tramways and buses have been renewed to make them far more accessible for handicapped travelers. Majority of buses in Paris are equipped with lowering devices, ramps ad special seats for passengers with disabilities or limited mobility.

Airports of Paris (ADP) offer a detailed guide to handicapped travelers on how to get from and to all the Paris airports.

The French Ministry of Tourism, in 2001 defined a “Tourism and Handicap” label in order to set a criterion for accessibility.

This label helps the passengers to identify accessible Paris restaurants, museums, art galleries, attractions or hotels. There are no admission charges at museums for the people in wheelchairs.