We live in a technological era and it’s becoming difficult to run any business without offering online opportunities and this is becoming increasingly clear in the tourism industry.

Hotels, airlines and car rental companies are forced to offer deals online in order to remain dominant in the market place with one third of online travel expected to be booked online by the end of 2012.

Western Europe enjoys 38% of their travellers booking online and this is expected to increase constantly in the next few years. Planning a holiday to Paris for example will become as easy as making a dinner reservation or calling a cab.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport found that 20% of their travellers booked online, the sites offer the ability to manage their bookings, access their frequent flyer information and confirm flight departures and arrivals.

But of course with the new smartphone apps available, there is an increase in online bookings while on the move. It is estimated that three in four business people have a smartphone and travel booked on these devices is current at 16% and expected to triple by the end of 2013.

Smartphones are the future and 92% of hotel owners believe this type of market is imperative moving forward. A recent study showed that 28% of travellers use their mobile phones whether it’s to confirm flights, make hotel bookings or order a rental car; this is because it’s convenient and easy to use.

Apps available are simple and offer the traveller a way to book quickly and easily from anywhere, which has taken its toll on offline travel agencies who only account for 9% of the market.

Often travellers can enjoy cheaper deals online, which is another reason that they are all taking to the internet to book their next family vacation or business trip.