Paris is not only a romantic city of Europe. It is a cosmopolitan city which encourages cultural and scientific movements and endeavors which helps in the progress of mankind. There are several exchange programs in which Paris takes part along with other countries to enrich the culture and education of the city. The Maison du Bresil is an evidence of one such effort on the part of Paris. Maison du Bresil is a building which will take you closer to Brazil while being in Paris.

The Maison du Bresil is located inside the campus of the City college in Paris. There are buildings inside the college campus where students from different nationalities stay and pursue their education. Maison du Bresil was the brainchild of Lucio Costa and the plan was developed in 1954. He was a Brazilian architect who resided in Rio de Janeiro. After he developed the plan for building the Maison du Bresil he collaborated with the Le Corbusier to build fantastic place. The first proposals of construction were made in the Brazilian office but the decision was made at the office of Le Corbusier.

The construction of Maison du Bresil ended in the year 1959 and had been the place for economic, cultural and scientific exchanges between Brazil and Paris. It is basically treated as a cultural center where you can find all kinds of information about Brazil. Research work is carried on at this center. Students pursuing post-graduate and doctoral programs mostly research here and find information about Brazil at Maison du Bresil.

The exact location of Maison du Bresil is 7 L, Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris-France. This site was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1985. In 2000 it was redeemed between the Foundation Le Corbusier and the Regional Directorate of Historical Monuments. Le Corbusier has taken up the idea of Lucio Costa ahead. This house of Brazil was constructed almost 30 years after the construction of the Swiss Pavilion. The Swiss Pavilion was also the work of the Le Corbusier in the 1930s. The architecture of Maison du Bresil is inspired from the Swiss Pavilion and a number of international movements. Costa had worked upon all the influences while making the design for the Brazil House.

As per the plan the Maison du Bresil was supposed to have a ground floor with exterior columns decorated with clothes. These columns will depict different services and continue to be exist on one side of the living cells as well. These columns would mark the entrance to each floor. The building is not exactly rectangular in shape and there is a semi-blind window behind the columns. Maison is bigger than the Swiss Pavilion in area. The idea of terrace is also innovative. The furniture were designed by Jean Prouve and Charlotte Perriand.