Loire Valley Paris – A land of chateaux and gardens

The magnificent land of castles and gardens that is Loire Valley is only two hours drive from Paris. If you are in Paris you must have heard a popular saying ‘The Loire is a Queen and the Kings have loved her’. Loire castles or Chateaux are treasure houses where art and history blends seamlessly. The picturesque province is also known as the Garden of France. The Loire Valley is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

During the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries the French Royalty chose this place as their residence. The Kings and Queens who live here had interest in art and with their artistic tastes created a cluster to beautiful castles among amazing landscapes. A visit to these grand castles or chateaux will give you the glimpse of the everyday lifestyle of the French Royals.

The most visited and the most prominent among all the chateaux of Loire is the Chateau d’ Amboise. This huge castle occupies the heart of the town Amboise in Loire Valley. This medieval castle originally belonged to the d’Amboise family for a period of 400 years but, then Charles VIII transformed it into a royal residence which housed several kings and queens of France. The main attraction is the terrace of these chateaux, which offer a panoramic view of the beautiful Loire Valley.

If you walk a few yards from Royal Chateau d’ Amboise you will find another architectural masterpiece named Chateau du Clos Luce. French Kings and Queens used this castle as their summer residence. This chateau is dedicated to the genius of Leonardo-di-Vinci., the world famous Renaissance painter. You can see the great artist’s bedroom and in the cellars there are forty extraordinary machines designed by the master himself.

The Chateau de Villandry is one of the great castles that was completed during the Renaissance. It was built by a man name Jean la Breton, who served as the minister of finances for Francoise the First. Tourists visit this place to view the beautiful gardens that adorn it namely The Garden of Sun, Garden of Water, Garden of Music and the Modest Garden. A Wimbledon style tennis court was opened in 2012. There are other castles in Loire valley which give you a feel of the royal lifestyle during the medieval and the Renaissance.

Hotels in Paris offer several customized tours or excursion to Loire Valley. This helps you to enjoy the tours according to your tastes and interests and not just ‘dictated’ by tour operators.