Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Work Revealed at The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum in Paris is currently holding a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition which runs from 29 March to 25 June.  This exhibition showcases over one hundred and thirty drawings and studies by da Vinci with a selection of books and drawings.
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In the exhibit is the restoration of The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. This restoration has taken eighteen long months, a painting which took da Vinci twenty years to paint.

The sketch books and diagrams give you a peek at one of the most famous artists with diagrams showing how da Vinci spent his years studying light on opaque objects, a technique which made him famous.

The diagrams show how he used mathematics and combined it with his artistic flair to come up with new techniques for his paintings and many of these techniques can be seen on this unveiled painting that is now available for public viewing.