Le Louvre, Le Louvre museum is located in Paris, and is considered a historical monument. The museum is world famous because of its surplus of 35,000 pieces of history that is located inside the museum walls. The museum displays ancient pieces from different time periods and different locations, some of them coming from ancient Egypt and other locations around the world. What many people do not know is that the Louvre is actually a Palace that was built in 12th century. Of course only some of the original structure is available for viewing, and much of it has been remodeled, restructured, and modified over the centuries since it was first built. The museum first opened in the 1970s, and has since become a place of great attraction and interest. Le Louvre, otherwise known as The Louvre, is usually the first place that people want to visit while on travel to Paris. Le Louvre is a large part of Paris’s appeal, especially since it holds the famous Mona Lisa painting. If you are visiting Paris, the Louvre is a must see. It contains thousands of historical art pieces that cannot be viewed anywhere else in the world. FIND A HOTELS NEAR LE LOUVRE MUSEUM