Hotel du Louvre in Paris is a member of the Concorde Hotels and Resorts and works hard to protect the environment preserve its architectural heritage and its historical roots.

The hotel has an extensive waste management system in place which includes recycling from all parts of the hotel. They also reduce the dangerous substances used by only using eco-friendly cleaning products and carefully recording their efficiency levels including a strict schedule for deliveries to reduce their carbon footprint.

This luxury hotel only uses organic products, has low energy consumption and prides themselves on their transparency when it comes to business, customers and staff.

With seven hundred luxury guest rooms, managing an environment friendly and sustainable hotel has been a big job, but with all the procedures now in place, they can enjoy the prestigious Green Globe Certification that has recently been awarded to them.

Through this certification, Hotel du Louvre in Paris has shown that even five star, luxurious hotels can be sustainable and make a difference to the environment.