Few American expats are as hardcore a Francophile as Laurie Pike. The founder and editor of The Paris Blog since 2005, Pike cruises around the blogs of fellow expats each day for juicy tidbits on life in the City of Light. Excerpts are posted on The Paris Blog, making it a digest of the expat experience; contributors range from students to interpreters to artists to foreigners married to French nationals.
paris shopping

So it comes as little surprise that when Pike started to design a line of jewelry and handbags, she would give it a name that reflects her love of the country. Hexagon refers to the shape of France and has long been its nickname. Pike’s accessories embody that Frenchness in materials culled from flea markets and vintage shops. This twill cross-body bag, for instance, uses a vintage felt French marine patch for a clasp. The “Vive la France” purse—well, it needs no explanation. Hexagon Accessories can be found at the company’s website and items, which start at $19 US, can be bought on Etsy.