Paris is a city for everyone. On one hand it offers expensive entertainment and on the other hand it offers various types of free entertainment facilities. Behind the luxury of Paris and the apparent larger than life stature it bears, Paris offers some simple pleasures to man which will make your trip memorable. Spending a fortune in Paris is easy as getting rid of dirt from your hand, but it is also true that you can explore some of the most beautiful parts of the city by spending literally nothing. So, here comes a list of the activities and attractions that you can enjoy for free while travelling in Paris.

Paris neighborhoods will offer you the most varied experiences without spending even a penny. Simply invest in a good pair of shoes since Paris has the most walkable neighborhood. You can explore Paris neighborhood on foot. Paris is a safe city and it is fun to walk around and explore its beauty. However, you will need a city map for going around. Enjoy your trip without spending extravagantly.

Museums are an integral part of Paris. A lot of the French culture can be explored thorough the museums of Paris. Government takes special care of these museums which have taken the responsibility of spreading the knowledge about art and culture, humanities that Paris has become an epitome of. Some of the museums of Paris offer free entry to the visitors. The most popular ones like the Musee d’Orsay and the Louvre do take a nominal fee but offer free entry on every first Sunday of each month.

Parisians love to have fun. A number of free annual events are held in the city at frequent intervals. Paris hosts some of the most interesting and exciting free annual events like installation of public art through the night and artificial beaches on the banks of Seine River during the summer months. Each season has different versions of some of these events which are budget friendly.

Paris is home to some of the stunning Churches and Cathedrals. These are breathtakingly beautiful and stand as testaments to a complicated heritage of Christianity which was prevalent in Paris from the end of the Roman Empire to the powerful French Revolution. Many of these magnificent shrines were about to meet their ends but a revived interest in the medieval times during the 19th century restored all of them and now stand as some of the most important landmarks in the city.

The beautiful gardens and parks of Paris will enthrall you and the fact that the entry is free makes it even more charming. Paris hotels are situated around these landmarks and you can explore the city by staying at any of these beautiful hotels in Paris.