Experience the Best: Foodie Tour Paris

If you are in Paris, please follow the likes of the Parisians. And the Parisians love their gourmet delights, the classic yet urbane nightlife and the unmistakable ever-so chic French style. Travel to Paris remains unfinished unless you entertain your soul with the gastronomic extravaganza that Paris offers to its every discerning traveler. Take a foodie tour Paris so that your experience in this city of splendor comes to a full circle. The food tour can be of different kinds depending on your particular food fascinations. If you love to be pampered by the delicate French fare or love to explore the Lebanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese or Thai cuisines, you have arrived at the Mecca of everything gastronomically global.

The foodie tour Paris can become pretty easy if you are staying in one of the finest starry hotels of Paris as each of these hotels have their own boutique or haute cuisine restaurants often embellished by Michelin starred chefs. Hôtel De Crillon at the magnificent Place de la Concorde is renowned all over the world as one of the most luxurious and plushest hotels in Paris. Here you can dine in the restaurant on delicious global platter with mix of French, Italian and the chef’s special delicacies.  To be found at the Rue De Rivoli, the renowned Le Meurice boasts of the one-of-its type a spectacular roof terraced popular Michelin restaurant that serves the best of the gourmet French delights.

You can take an uninterrupted foodie tour Paris in the luxury hotels of Paris. Saint Germain, Louvre Châtelet, La Bourse, Les Halles are only a few of the posh areas of Paris housing the celebrated restaurants of the country. In most of these restaurants, you can request the chef for a special delicacy and he would love to rustle up dish in front of you with much flair. No prize for guessing that it will certainly cost quite a few bucks to participate in this food extravaganza. There are also the boutiques dining experiences in and around the prominent areas of Paris and they serve terrific food that incorporate the latest food technologies of the world.

However, food does not itself in the main courses. You can indulge in your sweet tooth by treating yourself to the pastries, baguettes, and chocolates that the capital of France can offer. Foodie tour Paris will reach its finale when you dig into the famous desserts of Paris and reach the gastronomic seventh heaven.