The Eurostar train system provides high-speed transportation between cities in Western Europe, including Paris, London, Brussels, Lille, and other seasonal destinations.

Eurostar began offering service in 1994, and its trains operate at speeds up to 186 miles per hour. To cross the English Channel, trains use the Chunnel (Channel Tunnel).

The Eurostar train service offers 17 daily trips between Paris and London, with stops in Lille, Calais-Fréthun, and Kent along the way. There is also a daily train between London and Disneyland Paris, and in the winter, “Snow Trains” operate to the Alps, serving Bourg Saint Maurice, Aime la Plagne, and Moutiers.

In Paris, the Eurostar trains operate out of the Gare du Nord train station.

Three classes of service are offered on Eurostar trains:

• Business Premier, which provides private check in, a larger seat, a three-course meal with aperitif, and access to the lounge;

• Leisure Select, which includes a larger seat and the same three-course meal as in Business Premier class;

• Standard, or Economy, which includes no food service, but most passengers in this class bring their own food.

Ticket prices for Eurostar
service between Paris and London are generally comparable to the price of an airline ticket between the two cities; the trip takes about three hours.

Travelers who hold a Eurailpass, Europass, France Railpass, Benelux Tourrail Pass, or BritRail Pass are eligible for a discount off the price of Eurostar tickets.