Driving through a city is a wonderful way to experience it. Having a car at one’s disposal also allows one to drive out of the city to enjoy the rural regions of France. If you find it difficult to get a good hotel in Pairs city, you can stay near the city and drive to the city to enjoy all it has to offer.

One can usually rent cars in Paris at airports, railroad stations as well as car rental offices in the city. Most cars available at rentals have manual transmission, but if you want an automatic is also available. If you are planning to visit during the high tourist season, it would be wise enough to book a car in advance.

One must have a driving license for at least a year to be able to rent a car in Paris, according to the car rental laws of France. Also, one has to be at least twenty years of age to drive in France. Insurance is mandatory when one rent a car in France and it is usually a part of the deal. While checking prices of car rental, check if the cost of rental includes insurance coverage.

One has to drive on the right side of the road in France and unless otherwise mentioned the speed limit is fifty kilometers per hour in the city, eighty kilometers per hour at the Paris ring roads while one can go up to 110 or 130 kilometers per hour on the national highways.

While driving in Paris, one must keep in mind that bus lanes are forbidden for automobile drivers. While driving in Paris do keep in mind that U-turns and crossing the solid white lines on the road is also prohibited. In Paris, cars entering from the right are given priority unlike the U.S.

One is required to put on seat belts, according to the French law; the rule applies to all occupants of a car including children. Children must be in approved child seats. Infants less than nine months must be in rear facing seats, especially designed for infants, special child seats for children aged between nine months and four years old and booster child seats for children aged between four and ten years old.

One must be very careful while driving in Paris as driving laws are very strict in France. One can be heavily filed for not wearing seat belts or breaking traffic rules, one can even face confiscation of the vehicle.