According to the Institut d’Amenagement et d’Urbanisme, Paris is the most sought after destination in the world. As per the report provided by the institute, Paris is visited by 45 million tourists approximately on a yearly basis. Tourists from all the continents and neighboring countries visit Paris as it is considered to be most romantic and art and fashion patronizing city in the world. Paris is the city of cultural wonders and the visitors marvel at the wonders of Paris. Glorious history of art, culture and architecture dominates Paris everywhere. The city proudly maintains and celebrates its rich legacy and displays it to the world.

Paris is dotted with monuments and museums. When you visit Paris, you must have time in your hand to savor the rich cultural taste of the city of romance and lights. Paris has loads to offer from fashion to festivals, museums to cultural events. The city offers something to everyone from kids to adults. You can enjoy your time with your beloved as well as friends. The city has become synonymous with music, museums, arts, festival and fashion. All in all Paris culture is stooped in its rich legacy.

The museums of Paris are world famous for they represent and uphold the culture of the city. The Louvre is the most famous one among the others. It is paradise for the art connoisseurs. This museum comprises some of the masterpieces of eminent artists like Rubens, Fragonard, Titan, Rembrandt and many more. The sheer number and variety of the displays and galleries of Louvre is breathtaking. The tour de force of Leonardo Da Vinci- Mona Lisa is also in the Louvre. Venus de Milo also graces the museum with its presence. The other famous museums in Paris include Musee National d’Art Moderne, Musee Rodin, Centre Pompidou, Musee Cluny and Musee Picasso. Paris has been the motherland several distinguished artists, writers, performers and so on. When you visit Paris, you will be able to recognize the influence of these people on the lives of the Parisians.

Museums are the most important cultural attractions in Paris, but apart from the museums Paris has various other sites to be discovered as well. Walking on the Parisian streets you will discover several majestic monuments. You will also find the grand Haussmannian buildings standing tall. Taking a walk along the Paris avenues and boulevards can be a fulfilling experience in itself. Sit in a café along the Champ Elysees or listen to the intellectual discussion of the knowledgeable along the Left Bank, you will enjoy every moment of Paris travel. Paris is tempting, enriching and charming in its own way wherein you can get lost in the magic of the Parisian world.

Stay in any of the hotels in Paris situated anywhere in the city. You will be able to go around the city and discover the magic of Paris.