Why pay more when there is a nice Cheap Paris Hotel to suit you?

Savvy travellers know they can find awesome rooms at great rates so they can spend their money on really exploring this amazing city, shop in boutiques and eat fabulous French cuisine.

Below you will find suggestions from Hostelbookers for cheap hotels in Paris where you can stay comfortably without it costing you a fortune.


Hotel Viator

The bargain-priced rooms are clean and secure and each room has toilet facilities but there is a separate charge for a hot shower downstairs. Be prepared to pay cash up front for the nights you have reserved.

Hotel Premiere Classe Chilly-Mazarin

Close to the airport, the tidy rooms each have a full bathroom and television. Anticipate a long ride into Paris and a language barrier with the staff.

Hotel Premiere Classe Igny

At these low rates travellers are surprised to find free Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs included in the price of these neat rooms that are walking distance to the Château of Versailles.

Hotel Ibis Nord Sarcelles

Although the neighbourhood is a bit dodgy and it’s a long Metro ride to see the sites, the air conditioned cheap rooms are spacious even if the showers are super small.

Parthenon Hotel-Chilly-Mazarin

Close to the airport but about a half hour into the city, the spacious rooms are comfortable and secure but don’t count on the free WiFi being available all the time.

Hotel Prince Eugene

This chain has nice rooms with refurbished bathrooms but is a bit remote; luckily the pleasant neighbourhood has Wi-Fi in the nearby coffee shops because it is not available at all in the hotel.

Leaving you with more in your wallet, staying in a cheap Paris hotel allows you to really get around Paris and experience all this excitement and romance that this city has to offer.  Good service accompanied with great affordable places to stay will make your Paris trip unforgettable.