The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris (CCIP), is responsible for defending the interests of approximately 310,000 businesses in the greater Paris region.
The CCIP, with offices located at 27, avenue de Friedland, also manages two fairgrounds, two convention centers, and a dozen leading institutions of higher learning (Grandes écoles), including the HEC School of Management and the ISTM (Institut Supérieur de Technologie et de Management).

The American Chamber of Commerce France (AmCham France) was founded in Paris in 1894 by eleven U.S. businessmen. AmCham France’s mission is to protect and facilitate the transactions of business between American and French interests, and to collect information to further business operations.

AmCham helps American companies that wish to invest in or trade with France, as well as assisting French companies that seek similar opportunities in the U.S.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a Paris-based organization that seeks to promote world business and the global economy in order to further prosperity, economic growth and job creation.

The ICC’s first President, Etienne Clémentel, was the French Minister of Commerce. Representing the interests of thousands of corporations and business associations, the ICC provides input to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, as well as many other intergovernmental organizations.