The most economical way to explore any city is to get a bus ride and especially if the city you are visiting is Paris. Bus tours are highly recommended for tourists visiting Paris, because it is the best way to sense the city’s eclectic culture. Also, since traipsing Paris might be a little pricey bus tours do not prove to be heavy on your wallet. Taking a bus tour round the city is highly recommended for tourists who wants to spend a couple of weeks in Paris and want to see as many sights as possible without having to walk around.

You can arrange for a bus tour round the city from any of the Paris hotels. Open bus tours are a great option unless it is raining. These are roofless double decker buses that have open tops. Traveling higher up you get a better view and great opportunities to photograph. The Open Bus Tour Company is an eminent company offering such a service.

There are four different open bus tour routes, each exploring a different area of Paris. If you are new to the city and don’t know exactly where to go and what to look for, the bus tours are a perfect way to discover the undiscovered. These tours will take you from the hidden nooks of attractions to world-class museums and sights.

The Grand Tour is the most comprehensive tour covering almost all of Paris and touching on everything that is important. It takes almost two hours to complete. The hotels in Paris can give detailed information of such trips. The Paris Grand Tour shuttles the visitors around important tourist attractions like Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe.

The Montparnasse tour covers the important sights on the left bank of Seine including the Latin Quarter, Montparnasse and the Invalides. The Montmartre Tour which lasts a little more than an hour takes you round the modern right bank. The famous Moulin Rouge cabaret, Saint-Martin canal area and the Sacre Coeur basilica are covered.

Tickets and boarding passes are easily available. The hotels in Paris can help you avail them or even book them online. One or two day passes are available, which allow you to take as many tours as your want till the time your pass or ticket is valid. The boarding schedules are all available online.

If you are thinking of vacationing in Paris, avail the bus tours. It is the only way you can feel the city as an ‘authentic Parisian’ and not as a tourist.